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10/25/2020 1:28:49 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 24

Day 24: City Life There is more to the Last City of Earth then what Parth remembered the time when he was made a Guardian plenty of years ago. From becoming one to meeting his Ghost, Dusk, making friends and losing some since time was always a conundrum to everyone. Especially when exploring the Last City outside of the Tower where the Guardians meet be where he had his old Clan hideout lie. Where he meets some of the humans who would spite or look up to. Life is never easy whether you are famous or in Parths case, infamous, as he is used to being. For the record, plenty of years past when Parth was exploring the Last City aside just heading to his favorite café to have coffee and read. The old hideout for the Clan was still there and so far he sees some memorial flowers as some families were placing and praying for their souls to find peace. Even what Parth would do was take out a bottle of Gentlemen's Jack and take a sip and pour some on the ground as if it was like old times for the whole Clan. Parth than decided to go over to this orphanage while keeping himself concealed so the kids don't recognize. This was one of the places he would go to and have the kids play with even with Dusk. Sadly Dusk hated to be treated like a UFO for the kids but Parth insisted his Ghost to play with them while telling some odd stories. But oddly, Parth didn't remember the last time he'd been there. So he decided to enter the church as it was also that for the orphans to learn. All of a sudden, when looking around, he found someone he haven't seen in a long time. Lailah was a nun here in the orphanage who used to look like a late teenager but now years past and she looked a bit more older. She was the daughter of the owner of this church and the orphanage. Sadly, Parth looked around and didn't see him anywhere. Lailah noticed and jumped a bit, thinking that Parth was looking like a stranger until he shushed her with his index finger and removed the hood to see if she recognized him. She was shocked to recognize him and gave him a big hug. As much as he didn't mind much of it, he hugged back. "Didn't recognize you at first, Brother Ash Parth," Lailah said. Parth held his hands to not worry about it. Even surprised that Lailah still calls him Brother as she was younger back then and looking at her now, she had to have fallen in love with someone. "I'm kinda surprised that you remembered me," Parth admitted. "It's been forever for me cause..." "You rather live in infamy and as a mercenary, don't you?" Lailah guessed. "Word always spreads out for someone like yourself." Parth shrugged that away and asked about the kids he would remembered. Lailah only told him that many of them were adopted. Parth didn't mind such but was feeling a dagger piercing through his soul like Lailah was not liking what Parth does. Regardless, he'd placed some Glimmer in the charity box like he would use to back then with the Clanmates. It brought a smile to Lailah knowing that at least Parth still has a heart like the old days. He said his goodbyes as it was a short visit since it was one of his time offs as Parth admitted. Lailah in return told Parth to don't be a stranger and play with the kids like old times. Even tells Dusk to play with the kids too and be their Little Light of joy. Dusk sighed heavily from hearing that alone. Parth chuckled to that. After getting done with the church, Parth decided to go somewhere and try to reminiscent some old days. Here is one of them at this skyscraper where the whole City can be viewed. Even can see the Tower where various jump ships were docking and leaving. This was also where he used to hang with someone back when the Crow's Nest was around. Parth sat at the edge of the skyscraper and says to himself, "Hey, Tara, long time no see. Hope all is well. Been one helluva lifetime I've been dealing with. With assholes who wish me dead and I would fight back to keeping other humans and Guardians safe from a distance. Life of a mercenary and being Clanless as I'm keeping myself this way. I know you'll give me an earful but it is what it is. So, Heaven comfy for ya? Better be comfy 'cause here I am. Just relaxing in my own way." Parth looks down at the humans and Exos and Awokens roaming the street as any normal civilian activity goes around. "I am doing my best to keep them safe, whether some of them like it or not. Or whether they spite me or see me as an anti-hero. I know. I know. Calling myself that is asinine. But what the hell? It is what it is. Hell, I go my way whether the Vanguard likes it or not. Something Dark comes and I will fight if I die or not. I got my little knit tight group in as small as a circle gets. Might be some new ones if push comes to shove." After speaking his last words, Parth took out a rose and lays it at the edge like he would do with Tara when he brings her up here to see the sunset - which it was now becoming one - and sometimes a sunrise. Even to see the stars. Saying that he loves her and one day he will see her again when his own death comes. He jumps off the edge and lands hard on the ground which scared some of the roaming civilian. He gets himself clean while hearing Dusk complaining what his Guardian did but he shrugged it off. It was nighttime. It was time to head back home. Parth does wonder to himself what others think. But mostly the spite he could care less and even the compliments he never minds either. All he does is to keep these people safe mainly from the shadows. For it was like the good old times as Ash Parth, the Raven. But now mainly the Shadow. And the Harbinger. The Wayfarer.

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