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10/16/2020 10:41:28 PM

Destiny Pentober Day 16

Day 16: Fireteam Fireteam's never matter for Ash Parth. Whether it'd be whoever needs a body bag for raids even if he would teach someone who has never done one. Or matchmaking when an SOS comes up and he is dropped off for a Strike or Gambit or even some Crucible for some casual runs. But as short and simple goes, he can't think of who is the best within the Fireteam. All he can tell from many Fireteams is as long as the conversations are interesting. Some conversations even lead to some being friendly and what piques their interests even to Parth's interests. Mostly as long as it doesn't offend or brings the toxicity within the Fireteam until at that point, when it comes to raiding, he'll dip as the loot has been collected. But regardless, a Solo is always a Solo until he feels like teaming up whoever is in need of a body bag and sometimes teach some new people within the raids or even in dungeons.

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