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10/13/2020 12:00:22 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 12

Day 12: Fallen Ash Parth arrives at this little bar where not only humans gather, but also very few Guardians and even Eliksni or what they were known as Fallen gather for information trading or just to relax. And it's here where Parth needs to meet up with someone. Dusk suggested that it isn't worth it, but Parth ignored. As Parth entered, he sees that the place hasn't changed for being a loners den and where info can be traded and some fun happens as long as the owner keeps a close eye on it. Here, he sat down on a table where a Captain was having a sip of Ether enhanced alcohol took noticed and waved for Parth to take a seat. The Guardian ordered his own Jack and Coke and checked on Dusk to keep an eye on things if anything goes wrong. The Fallen Captain, Narixka, the Stealthed Blade, cleared his throat and slipped a tiny bag towards Parth and said, "What ya earned from that favor ya done, Guardian." Parth took the tiny bag and looked inside to see the Glimmer he earned from breaching a House of Dusk hideout and took care of the leader running the area. Even looked towards Narixka and asked, "Y'know, the House of Dusk is running thin right now. Any idea from you or the House of Light?" After taking a sip, Narixka was silent and answered, "No one knows. All we know even from Mithrax is that the House of Dusk are running. Some of our brothers and sisters are hearing rumors of the Shipstealer telling lies and forming a House of her own. One of dark power." By Shipstealer, Parth was thinking of Eramis. He can never forget that name from those Loyal to Eramis. Thinking that Eramis is starting to make a move. "You know, you are still welcome to stay in House Light, Parth, since you are a loner and refuse to take in Clans," Narixka suggested. After taking a large gulp of his Jack and Coke, he used the Glimmer from the bag to pay the tab which he and the Fallen Captain in front of him owed for the say. "I'll take a hard pass. I mean, I wonder what happens if a Guardian can make a House where Guardians and Fallen be under one roof," he thought. Narixka laughed at that and replied, "Don't get your hopes up, Parth. No Guardian thinks of that. Only both sides doing favors and teaming up." As Parth readies to leave, he tells Narixka, "Who knows, maybe I'll be the first. For now, whatever Eramis is up to, it don't sound easy and it might go... Dark as she says to her 'brothers and sisters'."

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