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Why hello!! Welcome to The Farm! We at The Farm are a newly formed community of light-spirited and active XBOX players and clans working to grow into something greater! If it is family you seek, The Farm may very well be your new home! Many moons ago, our core group of players learned some of their first raids together and over time formed the bonds of a tight knit community. Here, we hold values of respect, inclusion, and open communication near and dear to their hearts and believe in welcoming others into our family! We've grown FAST and just added our 4th clan into the mix. ~Our four clans currently at The Farm~ SENTINELS QUEENS WALK GAHLRANS SORROW BLACK BULLS [I](brand spanking new!!)[/i] Plans for new clans are around the corner and we'd love to have you as part of the fam! What that means for you- By joining The Farm, you join a community filled with diverse players across nationalities, belief systems, skin colors, interests, and creeds. Our founders believe strongly in creating an environment where queerness is welcomed in all shades! We are actively LGBT+ proudly support all members of our family! In game you will find our family consists of people who love teaching, sharing knowledge, participating in friendly competition, and MOST IMPORTANTLY helping each other grow! Whether you are itching to learn your first raid, need a team to grind your way through that exotic quest you've been salivating over, or want to just kick back with some friendly banter while we goof around in private pvp matches with the most absurd load outs you can imagine, we have players willing to join in on the falderal! Below is a link to join our Discord server, if interested please download the Discord app and follow this link to get started on The Farm where our leadership team will take marvelous care of you! Ta for now! Holly <3

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