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6/14/2020 6:59:40 PM

Trials. Light =\= Skill

Trying at the game mode all season, and beginning of this season. Light level is a big disadvantage for most players. It allows players to be carried, or to be the one executing the team by themselves with weapons that can one shot another without critical damage. Honestly until trials removes light level advantage it’s not worth the pain of suffering behind those who have greater time on their hands. Allowing players who have farmed far up the chain to gain light level isn’t fair or skill based. It’s literally making those who spend too much time grinding forges and end game activities feel like they’re good, even though the only reason they’re winning is by receiving and dealing more damage. These are my feelings upon this. In Destiny 1, there was a cap towards light level, which most of the players could reach without being left behind too badly. In Destiny 2, the grind becomes a large hassle and difficult once all there is left is a small handful of activities that could award the Pinnacle Level needed. A lot less for Solo players who not so often queue up in LFG Fireteams. All in fair notice, Trials would be set up to be on a more even playing field based up skill of the player. There’s nothing fair when a good player has to be playing at 200% of their capacity to even stand a chance against players who have the light advantage over them.

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