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3/6/2019 4:59:33 AM

Well Lore... I have bad news about Variks...

Was reading up on the Stolen Intelligence tabs I just unlocked through heroic strikes... For those who do not wish to be spoiled... this is your turn to read it for yourself. Go do strikes, get your 20 strike tokens from the end, and go see Zavala. It's the first tab called "Outliers"... For those who just want to read it? Here you go: "VIP #1121, well-known to Guardians of the inner systems as Variks, or Variks the Loyal. Directly responsible for the release of the murderer Uldren Sov from the Prison of Elders, #1121 subsequently fled Awoken holdings in the Reef and now styles himself the Kell of Kells, still representing House Judgement. The Praxic Order has petitioned the Vanguard for permission to detain #1121. The Awoken monarchy, acting through the Queen's Wrath, has claimed jurisdiction over #1121 and further stated that any prosecution in absence of their involvement will be considered an act of war. The Vanguard has not yet made a statement about their position on the issue." Sorry guys. But if video footage shows Variks doing that? Then I'm holding him personally responsible for Cayde's death as an accomplice and will put him down on sight.

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