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11/11/2019 6:14:01 AM

Make ALL Ornaments Universal

Remember those old Faction Rally ornaments you grinded for back in the day that were since made obsolete due to armor changes? Have armor that has really nice stats for your build, but isn't crucible specific so you can't put that Iron Banner ornament on that you earned? Funny that the microtransaction armor ornaments are universal but nothing else is. We all put in work to earn ornaments, let us put it on whatever we want, that really should not need to be said. This new armor system needs some serious work, not just for ornaments. Elemental mods are extremely tedious and add more annoyance to the game than anything. Do away with elemental limitations and allow any ornament to be put on any piece of armor, and I see a lot more cosmetic and build fun to be had in this game.

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