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7/20/2019 5:29:32 PM

Continuing Destiny 2 Connection Woes

I have friends who are still seeing massive issues with Destiny 2 on Xbox Live. They cannot consistently connect to the game getting CENTIPEDE and CURRANT errors in spite of an open NAT. They are rarely able to load in but then cannot load to the Tower still. There was a brief window almost [b]two weeks ago [/b]where everything was perfect and we were are all finally able to play but since then two of them cannot play the game. Every other Xbox Live title (first and third party, server based and P2P) works flawlessly for them. Destiny 2 is the only game they are unable to play at all. They are usually getting the steady "Contacting Destiny 2 servers" before it kicks them with one of the two error codes mentioned above. We are ready and willing to help with troubleshooting. [b]Please, make this right since they are unable to even work on Tributes or Triumphs until this is fixed, directly impacting their ability to earn in game rewards that are time gated.[/b]

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