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7/4/2019 9:15:19 PM

Found something amazing 2 days ago

So I bought a joblot of used blank audio tapes from the 70s a week ago on a local auction and it arrived in the mail 2 days ago, most of the tapes where mostly music, only 11 of them had interesting things on them, the first 2 has audio recordings of what I think sounds like a standup tv show but right now cannot identifie. The other 2 have something interesting, the first one has a recording of DR Radio charts from 1975 33 minutes only, the second one has a recording of american radio from either the late 60s or early 70s when I believe the previous owner recorded when he/she was on holiday back then. And 2 others tapes again have also something interesting, they are Ex-Radio Station tapes that somehow ended up in this joblot, its recordings of local radio with original commercials intact, and they dates back to 1989 and 1990. The other tapes you may wonder? cannot identifie yet but trying. All of the tapes are C60 tapes. What do you think of this find, if you found something similar comment :) Auction price: 20 bucks + 6 bucks postal.

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