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Editado por Machine VIII: 6/18/2019 8:52:07 PM

[Xbox//NA//18+] Twelve Demon Moons [XII:] ☽ [New Clan/New Discord]Recruiting for Bounties ° Quests ° Raids ° Gambit ° Nightfall ° Menagerie ° Iron Banner ° New comers and Veterans welcome! ♡

[b]✦ WELCOME TO THE TWELVE DEMON MOONS ✦[/b] [I]How it all began...[/i] [quote]It started with a Machine who had decided to purchase the new Forsaken DLC but barely had anyone to play with. It was hard trying to find a place where she could fit into... She longed for friends who would she could play with and level up at the same time! Thus, Twelve Demon Moons was born. (Inspired by Kimetsu no Yaiba (≧∇≦)/ ♡) Here, she hopes to meet new people, complete daily bounties and quests, weekly strikes, nightfalls and raids as well as other heroic activities! Everything has to start somewhere. Machine hopes that Twelve Demon Moons can bring people who are looking for help-and people who are offering their help-together! She hopes that she can create her own space where she, and others like her, can grow together and become a not just a safe community but a fun one! ♡[/quote] [b]✦ General Rules ✦[/b] ⇢ 18+ only! No exceptions ⇢ Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other offensive, toxic behaviour and/or speech is NOT accepted ⇢ Always be respectful of others! ⇢ Just have a lot of fun, kiddos! (∩´∀`)∩ [b]✦ Staffing ✦[/b] At the moment, I am the only admin for the clan but will be opening up 12 admin positions to those who stick around long enough! [b]✦ How to join ✦[/b] ⇢ Not required, but maybe give a little upvote/like so the demons can grow into a cool thing? ⇢ Also not required but joining the discord is a great way to stay connected (even though its just me right now... (n˘v˘•)¬ ) ⇢ At the moment, the clan is open membership so just click the link below if you're interested! ♡ [b]✦ Links ✦[/b] [url=]Click here to join Twelve Demon Moons[/url] [url=]Click here to join the official Twelve Demon Moons discord[/url]

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