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6/9/2019 10:55:43 PM

New PvP idea

So after getting an email to do a survey for the current season I thought of something very interesting and would appreciate some feedback either good or bad. I mentioned that i enjoyed the current season except for PvP. Being more interested in PvP I included an idea in the surgery about how Trials could perhaps come back. Not in Trials of the Nine, but as Calus’s Trials. Since this season is about going back to the leviathan to compete again for Calus against enemies of the dark. After looking at several enemies with the CHERISHED name, i got to thinking of how much i’d rather be Cherished instead of Cursebreaker or Dredgen (Unbroken is top tier). But how cool would it be to see guardians with a Cherished title under their name. As far as content would go, I mentioned we could have leviathan themed maps in this PvP playlist and that doing certain things in them will get us the title. Respectfully how cool would it be to hear Calus laugh or yell like Shaxx does and to hear him express his joy in seeing guardians destroy each other in his crucible. I feel like that is worth $40 just for the new dialog and screaming. As far as weapons and armor i think royal color scheme is worth mentioning and maybe certain art weapons like vex themed trace rifles or cabal themed rocket launchers etc... but any way this was just a thought and would like to maybe see some other opinions on the matter. call me dumb or reach but i think it could be a good concept.

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