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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
3/9/2019 8:26:53 AM

Dredgen Lasgna

This is good, do it again


This was horrible, uninstall life and install afterlife


I don’t like you vangaurd Nothing personal bruthas, But I must go all out Just this once Caydes or scorn-anas Which ever will it be? Sit the -blam!- down vangaurd I’m here to be a real DLC You tryna dethrone me from the dredgen’s that I won But your guardians you lose, so best think you haven’t won When I’m done with you we’re gonna be completely -blam!-in gone Cause we’ve only begun , I kill you 0, light bitch done Come vangaurd looking for the praxic orda Here, let me serve you dredgen lasagna Dredgen lasagna, Dresgen lasagna Yours guardians ain’t nothing but dredgen, lasagna Dredgen lasagna, Dredgen lasagna Look at the vangaurd they crying for their gaurdians -lyric by Drifter -approves by dredgens Alright, I had to stop there or I was gonna die of cringe and I ran out of lyrics, sorry for my grammar,English,etc Hope you enjoyed and possibly laughed sub to drifterpie (pewdiepie)

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