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2/12/2019 3:55:17 AM

Nightfall drop rate -- per character, per account, or per fireteam?

I have had a few times lately that when a nightfall rolls around, I take my team in and we start farming the snot out of it. But, what I have found is someone will get the weapon. Then, two or 3 later someone else gets the weapon. Then about 3-4 more later the first or second person will get the weapon AGAIN, and then 14-20 later I still do not have the weapon. I have tried running on the same character, and on other characters, and still cannot get the weapon to drop to me sometimes. I just want to know do I need to stay on one character for the entire week or is it an overall fireteam percentage for drop rate increase? I am just curious since I have had this happen for a few weeks in a row, and am trying to get these weapons since it is part of a title. I mean, I wouldn't be too upset other than the nightfall I needed hasn't been around for over 5-6 weeks, and now when it pops, my fireteam both get curated roll drops, and one got it twice, and I still don't have the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher. I just want to know if it is fireteam based since someone always gets two then it seems like we have to farm an eternity to see it drop again. Almost like it gave it to someone else and reset my percentage.

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