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-I am living and operated 2-

[b][u]Prophecy 2:[/u][/b] Duds are in my body! I am a machine, A toy! I am not real! My life is nothing but toys! However, I feel pain. My nose is red! It glows as metal claws fail to remove the duds! I am suffering. I am played by the small and agitated. I am suffering. I am dying. However, I can’t die. Someone take out what powers me! Someone end my purpose! Something please end this for a while! … … … I have saw nothing and felt nothing but rest. For second, I am relieved, Thankful, And at peace. However,
 I am lifted from the ground, I hear snaps, and feel twists on my back. I put back on the ground. And the cycle continues, Until the metal claws get tired… When darkness comes, I am at peace for second, or more if they forget. One day, the small and agitated become big and steady. I am not used again, and the claws don’t make hurt anymore than they did. However, The cycle comes to an end When both the ones and claws Come to understanding That I am not longer needed. I am put in a stomach of darkness and filth, And I am even not sure if this is peace. The stomach is emptied, Then I am taken to a place of light. Is it heaven? They don’t play with me. They take me apart. However, I am glad that I am finished when what powers me is remov… … … … *Crunch* …..

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