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1/12/2019 7:47:46 AM

Wilk we get our other 2 key molds next week?

Got the key mold this week on my hunter and had a saved rare bounty, went doing the different steps for the quest and right before I did Bergusia forge to complete the mold I used the rare bounty not realizing I would still need to progress the quest. I was skeptical if I should keep it after hearing that it was needed to complete a part of this quest, and after going through a few of the steps I thought it wasn't really needed. My point here is, if I could get those other 2 molds I would be able to further progess the quest and now I will be locked out from finishing it all due to one of the steps requiring you to complete the Shattered Throne which won't be back for another 3 weeks. Also those rare bounties have too low of a drop rate, completed 2 days worth of daily bounties and no rare bounty, maybe adding a select few rare bounties from Ada-1, in exchange we can give her a few Modulus Reports or Black Armory Schematics.

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