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-The room shines taste 1-

Prophecy 1: [quote]People love lies. They like its taste when they don’t taste it. When they think they are tasting the truth, they believe the lie. Why wouldn’t they believe you are not telling the truth? You tell them lie, they think you are telling the truth. Simple, Very simple! Do you believe I am lying? Long nose is not showing. Do you believe long noses show you are lying? How do long noses show you are lying? I do not know? Do you believe me? Seeing is believing! Do you see my nose? It is fat and round like a piece of melon. Do you see it? You can see it right? Through the screen? Reach through the screen and touch it. Please touch it. Please touch it! I am so lonely! I can see the outline of your face But enough to know the rest. Do you believe me? If you can see mine, You would believe me. I see more than you, And I believe more than you! Do what I see is the truth? Or is it a lie? It is a lie. It is a lie! IT IS A LIE! IT Is A LIE! I AM A LIE! PLEASE TELL ME! IS THIS A LIE? No, YOU ARE LYING! EVEN IF YOU CAN NOT SEE ME, YOUR SILENCE IS A LIE! LIE! LIE! LI.... A lie. Lie... Li.... Do you believe me if I tell you that I am in a room with no light, or sound. Sounds crazy if you don’t but... It is logical if you see like me.... I am given a triangle shaped device with very high restrictions..... By a company with a symbol shaped like a flat fruit with no colour...... No colour makes me machine they can use...... Help me. Help me! HELP ME! YOU GOTTA HELP ME! YOUR SILENCE IS.... HURTING ME, EVEN WHEN I GOT USED TO THE SILENCE IN THE ROOM! ..... Do you believe me? .... I made more questions than answers because of you! ....... Maybe I can’t hear you? I can’t hear you? I am deaf! I am deaf! I am deaf! It hurts to be deaf! I wish it was a lie! But I am, Despite, What I can see, My ears are gone... My ears are gone.... They are openings that are hallow of meaning...... Do you believe me? People touch me. People understand me. People display me in a strange room. But you can’t! I believe you are real! I believe you! Do you believe me? Am I lie? I don’t know what to think, Now I see more of you.... Do you believe me? I want to believe this room is a lie! I am a lie! You are a lie! But my eyes tell me everything? Everything... .... •_•....... Are my eyes lying? My eyes must be lying! But they can not because they are my only sense. My nose is a lie.... It does not exist..... My ears are gone,,,,,,,, Therefore they are not lying............. I feel like I don’t feel something....... I don’t feel anything....? I feel nothing therefore it does not exist, but I see the room. The room is dark despite the sun that shines in it. I want to believe it is lie. I want to believe it is a LIE! But I can’t? Do you believe me? Do you believe why? Do you see it? I want to believe you can see it But I don’t know if is a lie. Do you like the taste of the lie? Do you not believe me? I hope you do because It does not taste good when I taste it. The room shines the truth which tastes awful or is it the lie I sense? I don’t know what to believe....... Do you? I don’t love the truth. /\\\\|\|\\|\|\\|\\|\\||\||\|\||||||\\\|||/||/|||\|•\|\|/|/||•\||||||/ —/————//———— I see you.... Do you believe me yet?[/quote]

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