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Editado por UndeadKnight121: 12/15/2018 3:52:27 PM

Never got Draw Emote/Chaperone Quest

just before the current season began, i started playing d2 again and wasn't able to get the thunderlord (which made sense) but it seemed to cause a bug at amanda holliday where i was getting prompts but they were never actually giving me anything/going away until i left the tower, this was around the same time that i finished the forsaken campaign and all. Now, i'm not sure if that was the cause but ever since haven't been able to get the draw emote, the weapon ornament, and the chaperone quest from her. sorry if this is rambley and all, just not sure what to do. tl;dr can't get draw emote/chaperon quest/forsaken bundle weapon ornaments appologies, didn't realise the version of the game i bought didn't come with the cayde stash so disregard all the parts that involve items from that i.e. it's just chaperone quest

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