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Gambit Tip - Know how to read the motes bar, and learn invasion patterns.

I wanted to share a couple Gambit tips I haven't seen discussed much. After playing with some friends this weekend I was shocked how few of them had caught on to how predictable most invasions have become, and how easy they are to counter. [u][b]1. Know how to read the motes/progress bar. [/b][/u] - When the opposing team has enough motes in hand (gray area of the opponent's bar) to invade (25 or 50 motes indicated by the 1/3 segments of the bar) you should be banking your motes and preparing to counter invasion. In my experience at least 75-80% of teams will send an invader as soon as they have banked enough motes so be prepared. [u][b]2. Invasion spawns are super predictable.[/b][/u] - Like to the point it's becoming a problem and is kind of embarrassing Bungie made them so static. Pay attention when you invade, or when being invaded and learn the locations on each map. The only somewhat randomization of spawn is which zone, but the point within each zone is static within 1-2 meters. [u][b]3. Motes/Collection Phase[/b][/u] - During this phase the invasion will always be at one of the two areas not currently occupied by ads (although in rare circumstances the zone rotation and invade can occur at the same time causing them to overlap). When the opposing team has enough for an invasion send one teammate, preferably holding 0 motes to each possible spawn (preferably someone with super/heavy). Have them pick ads from a distance for your gatherers and nuke the invader as soon as they appear. Even if you're solo you have a 50/50 shot at choosing the correct invasion point. [u][b]4. Primeval Phase[/b][/u] - If playing with a team try to spread out your team to the different invasion points. Take out the envoys with ranged weapons, and wait for the invader. Don't worry most teams will send one immediately so you won't be waiting long. If playing solo try to pick a spot on the outside of the map, preferably where you can cover a couple different invader spawns with super/heavy. Most teams make the mistake of grouping up in the middle on the Primeval or back in their spawn right away. Invaders are expecting this and will often spawn in and look directly to the Primeval without checking their radar. Moving to the outside takes advantage of this. They are not expecting to spawn in right next to you. [u][b]5. Primeval DPS[/b][/u] - Once the invader is down feel free to head toward the center to burn supers and Heavy ammo on your Primeval uninterrupted. then spread out again after 10-15 seconds to block the next invasion. Gambit can be much less stressful if you know how to deal with invaders proactively. Between the spawns and predictive invader behavior there is little excuse to be caught off-guard by an invasion by the opposing team. If I'm in position at the right time by reading the progress bar, 9 times out of 10 I can kill an invader within 1-2 seconds of spawn before they even realize I'm standing next to them. Good luck Guardians, hope this helps with strategy next week during 2x and 3x Infamy.

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