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Can’t do sh*t without stacked team

You can’t do sh*t without a stacked team in this game and it’s getting f*ckin old. “Want to go run crucible?” Can’t do that without a stacked team. “Want to go play gambit?” Can’t do that without a stacked team. “Want to play some pve?” “How about a raid?” Nope can’t do that without a stacked team. “Nightfall?” Nope. “Dungeon?” Nope. What the f*ck can you do solo or with the sh*t matchmaking provided...? Patrols, strike playlist, daily stories. I honestly would like to know if anyone else feels like this or if I’m just b*tching? Is my matchmaking the only one that’s this bad?! I always get the terrible kids on my team playing fireteams of 3 or more people. No matter what activity it is. If I’m with my buddy we can usually win most games of whatever we are playing but if I’m playing solo it’s horrendous! I’m not a great player by any means, but I’m well above average I’d say (2.2 KAD), I was better at destiny 1; before bungie bread a culture of team shooting and *ss grabbing crucible gameplay, that’s not my style. And I hate that everything runs through some sort of lfg now. Crucible, gambit, raids whatever; if you’re not lfging then you aren’t winning consistently. And then the elite-ism on lfg sites is f*cking ridiculous. “Must be 1,000,000 light level, must have 5kd, must have reset infamy rank 12 times” “MUST BE WHY I HATE BUNGIE!”

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