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Forsaken Prediction partial spoilers

1. We will receive the ace of spades either by a quest or by “retrieving” it upon entering the dreaming city [spoiler]once uldren is defeated [/spoiler] 2. The raid boss will be an ahamkara. 3. The last word will return as a secret mission similar to the whisper , it will be slightly different though and the lore tab will possibly be based around Mara sov (tying into caydes “last words” [spoiler]hows your sister ? [/spoiler] 4. The crucible will balance out , they designed it with forsakens weapons in mind so right now it feels clunky but it won’t for long 5. Zavala and Ikora will have a falling out . 6. Destiny 2 will be in the top 10 streaming games on twitch . 7. Cayde-6 is perma-dead . 8. Festival of the lost will have mask again . 9. The exotic rocket launcher (Dragons breath ) will make a return from D1 (at some point) 10. The first curse may return . 11. Whisper of the worm usage will die down. 12. The exotic shotgun I can’t remember be name but it was made by Tex mechanica ... will return

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