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Editado por Organic Machine: 7/27/2018 11:50:40 PM

The game can’t be everything to everyone

I don’t really know how else to say that. It is it’s own version of “jack of all trades, master of none.” This has been its issue since day one, in my opinion. I remember when they first talked about this game. About telling stories about how prized gear was acquired. The problem is that most of the prized gear is all acquired the same way. There’s nothing unique about it. And in all honesty, that’s not even a huge deal to me despite that I remember that being a huge complaint when D1 launched. That being said, this is an example of how and why this game suffers. I need paradox amplifiers for a lost prophecy. My options are heroic strikes or crucible. I prefer PvE by far, but the crucible is clearly more efficient. Honestly though, I don’t even like strikes that much either. There’s no variance in them aside from whether or not the other two players are bad or good at the game. And I’ve never been that big on the crucible either. Why can’t I get them from public events? Same thing for exotic catalysts. I’d much rather run around doing that while doing other things like patrols in the process. That’s way more fun to me. FUN. Isn’t that what a game is mainly supposed to be? People’s idea of that is different. Let them earn required things in the way that’s most fun to them. And this goes beyond the wants and desires of the individual. Someone who really enjoys the crucible does not want someone on their team who doesn’t even really want to be their in the first place. I raided a bit in D1 and saw a similar issue. There’s that person that has barely raided that’s in there just because it was the only way to get something or to continue to power up. So much of this game is attempts to get everyone to play everything, and that’s the opposite of human nature. It can’t be everything to everyone. Or if you insist on trying to make it that, give people options. Open it up. That’s the only way that a game ever could be even close to that. The milestones and EP is a step in the right direction, but it’s so disappointing to see that this game’s potential is still largely wasted on the fact that it’s so strict and rigid in this way and that it seems to try to get to some kind of grind as quickly as possible.

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