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Critique about Faction rallies: Why I dislike them and what could be done to improve them.

Let me start by saying this is a rant. It shows me pissed off because that's what I am. I am currently (as I'm writing this) level 25 in FWC, and maxed NM at 50 last faction rally. With that said, let's begin: I hate Destiny 2's faction rally system. I hate the fact that faction rallies became an event on itself when in D1 it was something you worked your way up slowly in the background of other things, and, instead of making new weekly events per month (hey, remember SRL?, that would have been a good idea to make as a weekly event) they just putted factions as an event on itself. First, it makes you rush the whole week only to get to level 50 just for the catalyst, which I think should be halfway that for people without the time or the will to grind for hours. I have the time to do so in this event, but last faction rally I barely reached level 50 just hours before the weekly reset, and I don't know if I'll be able to reach level 50 in the next rally. Second, screw pledging to only one faction per account once per rally. It was the worst decision, and don't come here with the "your choice now matters" bullshit, because not only it ruined roleplaying for me (since I had one character per faction, depicting it's ideologies, hence "roleplaying"), but also restrained me to just be loyal to that one faction for the whole event, and prevented me to grind for another faction in advance. As extra, you can continue where you left off in the previous faction rally, but that just screws you up if you where trying to get all 3 catalyst before Forsaken. Lastly, the "this faction wins so you can pick the weapon up for 1k if you pledged to it of suck it for 50k and have it anyway" thing. They could just gave it for 1k if that faction won and 50k if the faction didn't, but guess it's too expensive creating new weapon reskins instead of offering the same ones for 3 months. They even could offer different perks for existint faction weapons, kinda like randomization but with handpicked skills, like explosive rounds for a scout that had another perk and such. As an extra thought they could fit a last faction rally just before Forsaken for those who lost the chance to pick up a catalyst, and make it so you can switch freely to pick up all 3 if you can stand the grind. Thank you for taking the time to read. I'll be happy to read any comment (as long as it's respectful) on the matter at hand.

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