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Guided Games: The Silent Treatment (TL;DR at bottom) @Bungie @Cozmo @DeeJ @dmg_04

Are you tired of playing solo?! Did all your friends quit playing Destiny?! Are those pesky LFG requirements too much for you?! Are you sick of always using an in-app feature to find in-game teams?! Do you just want ease-of-access and a hassle-free experience?! Well, well, well... I have a solution for you!!! Introducing, Guided Games!!! A completely useless and heavily time consuming feature that nobody f***ing uses!!! This feature can be yours for only about 4.00 hours of your time!!! Okay, okay, okaaaaay. My bad, Bungie. But hey, at least I know you guys can take a joke! Aha .. ha ... heh ...... [spoiler]inb4 I'm moved to feedback for poor humor :'([/spoiler] Sooooo, Guided Games is just going to continue receiving the silent treatment, huh? All these magnificent changes, yet one of the most flawed features with the most potential just gets ignored? I'm noticing a lot of discussion about solo players, and how it is exceptionally aggravating and time consuming to find a group. While you can just use the in-app LFG, some people find that to be a hassle and rather unfair at times. But don't worry, this could possibly be the solution this game needs. [spoiler]That's if you guys really are listening...[/spoiler] Guided Games should function as an [i]optional[/i] basic matchmaking feature for any and all players to build a Fireteam for any and all end-game activities (Trials, Raids, Strikes, ect., [i]INCLUDING[/i] Prestige activities). Let's call it "Finding Games" instead for now. Players who launch Finding Games will be matched with other players searching in that same activity. However, in order to search for a team in Finding Games, you must meet the minimum requirements for any non-prestige activity, and meet the recommended requirements for any prestige activity. This feature would be completely optional and at your disposal with no hassle. Just click and wait until your Fireteam is full. However, if you choose to use this feature you are taking a chance at finding either an experienced team or an inexperienced team. That is the risk of matchmaking. But hey, if you're looking to build a team with experience, skill, and coordination instead, there's always the in-app LFG feature! This way everybody has options and a sense of freedom. [b][u]_______________________[/u][/b] [b]Features and solutions to avoid possible problems and trolling . . .[/b] > All non-prestige end-game activities will require the minimum requirements for matchmaking. - All prestige end-game activities will require the recommended requirements for matchmaking. > Smaller Fireteams can queue in Finding Games to fill any empty player spots for that desired activity. > When matchmaking Raids and Trials, you will be matched with other Guardians who are at the same checkpoint as you. Some matches may take longer to find because of that. > Fireteam Leader is chosen at random. - Fireteam Leader can NOT kick players. - Fireteam members collectively vote on who to kick, if needed. > All Fireteam members are automatically opted-into Fireteam chat. - It is completely up to the player whether or not to use a mic and/or communicate. (However, the Fireteam can vote to kick you if you choose not to.) - Players who leave will be punished from accessing the Finding Games feature, similar to that of leaving a Crucible match. - Players who are kicked will receive no punishments. - Players who are kicked or leave will be replaced with a new Guardian whom is matchmaking for that same activity (or checkpoint). I included a TL;DR because when it comes to descriptive, articulate feedback and recommendations that require lengthy reading, Bungie is illiterate. Look below for TL;DR. [b]TL;DR -[/b] Replace Guided Games with a basic matchmaking feature for any and all players to build/find a Fireteam in any and all end-game activities. [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been moved to #Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in.  [url=] See Cozmo's thread here[/url] for more information about the #Feedback tag and its uses. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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