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1/28/2018 4:48:43 PM

How the -blam!- are you supposed to practice with power weapons in crucible?

Playing against other players is a LOT different than playing against AI, so a lot of practice is required to get it right. However, due to the extremely limited amount of power ammo available per match, coupled with the fact that you're competing with your own teammates in order to get it, AND the fact that once you die it's just can't practice with it. You have to practice with a weapon in order to use it effectively, but if the opportunity to even use it is so small, then how the hell are you supposed to practice? I get power ammo once every couple of matches, and almost every single time I fail miserably almost as soon as I pick it up (jackass shoots me immediately after I grab it, someone panics and uses their super the instant I appear on the horizon, or some other bullshit). My point is, when I spent so little time actually using a power weapon, how am I supposed to use it properly? Sure, I could practice in Mayhem, but that's not even available now is it? I have to wait for Season 3 for that shit, and even then it's only available some of the time. Am I the only person who sees just how -blam!- that is? I personally think there should be a practice playlist. A playlist with no rewards whatsoever, other than allowing players a special arena to get better at pvp. Every game will be a modified version of a current game type, the differences being: * 4 rounds * 1st round, nothing changes * 2nd round, Alpha has mayhem-level super regen AND regenerating heavy ammo. * 3rd round, Bravo has the above buffs. * 4th round, both teams have the buffs. That would help.

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