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12/18/2017 7:05:13 PM

Three of Coins Functionality

Hey all, Throughout the weekend, we’ve been monitoring player feedback concerning the recently added Three of Coins consumable offered by Xûr. We’d like to give clarification on the functionality of this item: [quote][b]When players use a Three of Coins consumable, this provides a 50% increase to the base chance of being rewarded an Exotic Engram upon activity completion. Using this consumable does not guarantee an Exotic reward upon completing a set number of activities – but rather increased chances upon each activity completion.[/b][/quote] [b]Note:[/b] We have found that Heroic Strikes do not currently grant higher chances for Exotics when using Three of Coins consumables, compared to Vanguard Strikes. We’re looking to address this with a future Hotfix, expected in early 2018. We will continue to monitor and forward feedback concerning this feature throughout the holiday season. Keep it coming! Later this week, we’ll have notes from the development team on additional feedback items that we’re looking to address in the future. Stay tuned. Cheers, -dmg04

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