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12/11/2017 10:19:45 PM

Prometheus Lens: WAY Overpowered.

First and foremost: HOW IS IT NOT A POWER WEAPON?! There is no contest when it comes to those things, no defense, no time to return fire, insta-kill. And everyone but me has one! And with everyone using it simultaneously, I feel like a pea shooter in a nuke fight. Since that I-Win button is a continuous beam, I suppose that means it has a perpetual rate of fire. Then damage should be reduced a bit so that opponents actually have time to start returning fire. Either that, or make that overpowered piece of garbage into a power weapon so that you actually have to work for your ammo; and are not toting it around, perpetually firing your deathbeam. (Either that, or make power ammo perpetually available so I can spam the only thing that has a chance of surviving Prometheus Lens; rockets.)

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