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Alright, here we are. Of the few people that know me on this forum, even less know I used to write fanfiction. I called it the Echo Saga and was, to be honest, quite proud of it. I mean, English isn't even my first language! Anyways, I was writing the second part of the Echo Saga. Well, as you probably know, it's been two months since a new chapter upload. That's a long time. I've been trying to start writing again, but I realized that won't end well (if I have to force myself to write), and thanks to OverlordTitanX (thanks buddy) I decided to stop. I'm hesitant to officially cancel "Era Drakka", but I'm getting the feeling that I'm losing connection to the story and its characters. That's why I am warning you guys: "Era Drakka" certainly isn't cancelled (I'd like to recommence in a month or so), but postponed. I will keep writing though, albeit mostly short stories. I have to focus on my main writing project, which is a high fantasy book, written in my mother language. I'm getting good feedback so far (someone even messaged me about it while I'm writing this) and I plan to continue it. Have a nice day.

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