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9/18/2017 2:50:13 PM

Character/gear 3D renders or pics coming to the site or app?

Three friends & I are planning on doing Destiny cosplays for PAXEast, & I'm trying to find reference pics. There's not an option to see your character(s) in the app or on the website, either a static image or a 3D render, like we had for the first game. Also a gear guide/armory(?) isn't around yet, & the info for 1st game's gear sin't around anymore since it's all about Destiny 2. The reference art page here on the site only has the Parade armor for each class. Does anyone know if this is something that is going to be added? (Sooner rather than later, hopefully, since making costumes/props is time-consuming.) Alternatively, does the guide/armory for the first game exist somewhere still? Some of the 1st game's items are still viable cosplay fodder. I can take screen shots of my character in game, of course, but that doesn't let you zoom in on specific pieces to see details & multiple angles. Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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