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3/5/2017 11:15:46 PM

Deadly Star, Ch. 5: Fleeing Chicago

If you missed the last chapter, you can find it [url=]here[/url]. If you want all the chapters, go to the [url=]Table Of Contents[/url]. Enjoy and leave some feedback! The man in dark armor gives a signal to his Fallen friends. I turn around to see the massive pack creeping slowly toward us. Their swords like shark teeth and their guns spewing dragon-fire, they believe themselves unstoppable. The baron leading the pack begins to speak our language. "Surrender to your masters, Sha'Ir! My kell could make you true warriors!" Kelso laughed at the barons offer. If they were going to make him serve a kell, they would have to drag him to their ketch. "Why would I serve under thieves, baron? To be praised by murderers and leave my people to die? You can so much as forget it!" I fear we cannot fight this many Fallen. They also had this strange man by their side, which we still do not know who he is. [i]If I die on my first assignment, it's Kelso's fault[/i], I thought. The baron scoffs at him, "Pray that you do not die here, child of death!" The Fallen continue to march closer and closer toward us. I am sure of it the cloaked man is grinning behind his mask. Kelso whispers to me, "I've set a tracker on the bargainer's ship; our only job now is to leave! Luckily, we are at an intersection. We are going to head for the street to the left of us." "Good. I was beginning to think we had no backup plans." Kelso laughs and says, "Only Titans go in with no backup plans!" I didn't catch on to it; must be some sort of inside joke about Titans. I smirk at the baron while he stares at us menacingly. Kelso and I are both Bladedancers, but we can't cut down [i]that[/i] many Fallen. They began to quicken their pace; now we run. The Fallen chased us with blades to our backs as we darted down the street! I glanced backwards once to see the hordes of arms. Their cloaks dashed in the wind and their armor clanked as they ran; they were ready to taste blood. Kelso shouts to me, "We have to run faster! These Fallen are not far behind! "I'm going as fast as I can, and I'm fully aware of our situation!" Kelso, wiping the sweat from his forehead, looks like he has a plan. I just hope it get's us out of this mess. "Kirk, do you have your Arc Blade ready?" Now I see what he is getting at. I reply, "You want to turn around and fight them?" Kelso nods with the biggest grin on his face; this will buy us some time to run. We stop and face towards the horde. Kelso asks cheerfully, "Are you ready?" I'm honestly more than ready. I could not wait to face these scavengers. "Ready, Kelso." We draw our blades, and this only makes the Fallen hungrier. I smirk as I drive my Arc Blade into the throat of the first vandal that charges me. I cut down several vandals and dregs until, finally, I stand before the baron of Bones. Kelso is busy butchering the others to notice. "Foolish to fight me, Sha'Ir! My blades are the end of your evolution!" The baron tries to strike me with his shock blades, but I quickly block his stroke. I cut his knee with the Arc Blade, and he grunts in pain. He quickly recovers and jabs me in the shoulder with his sword. Not as painful as I thought it would be. [i]Must be due to my armor from my Arc Blade[/i], I thought to myself. Thank goodness for that. The baron lashes at me, but I evade. Before he quickens, I force my Arc Blade into his chest, penetrating his armor and going straight through. The baron howls out of pain as I swiftly pull the blade from his chest. The Fallen stare at me in shock as the baron collapses to the ground. Then they turn to stare at their lost baron, looking mournful. They turn around, running, accept for two vandals. The two vandals approach the body, grabbing it and quickly retreating with the rest of their brethren. [i]Must be doing some kind of burial,[/i] I thought. Kelso taps my shoulder, clearly ready to leave. "Nice job, Hunter. You killed a Fallen baron; we have to head back to the Tower, and tell Cayde-6 about what happened."

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