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Deadly Star, Ch. 2: Here I am, There I was, There I will have been

I've delayed this a bit, but here it is. If you missed the last chapter, it is [url=]here[/url]. Hope you enjoy it! [url=]Master Post.[/url] I just took a back seat while Ghost directed the ship. We were flying through heavy rain, with the mountains below. Beautiful scene, but I could not stop thinking about everything I had just gone through. Dying is one thing, which I still don't know how it happened. Coming back with no memory of your past life, and it seems I've been brought back to fight what is "destroying humanity". I cannot help but wonder this, and what it means to be a Guardian. Ghost spoke of three classes of Guardians: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, was it? He says each has different powers and strong suits. He would not elaborate on it, clearly tired of questions. I could see towers in the distance, below the towers a city. Only one thing hung above the great towers; a massive white sphere, bright particles complimenting it's odd definition of beauty. Damaged and scarred, sitting in silence, a whole city of people sat in its' shadow. I utter a question while admiring the moon-sized ball, "Is that the Traveler?" Ghost replies, "Indeed it is, Guardian. That is what created me to bring you back. From what I can tell, the Traveler and I chose wisely." Ghost steers the ship closer to one of the large towers, and I feel myself dematerialize again. My molecules reform in a large white courtyard, and a balcony behind me giving a clear view of the Traveler and everything it protects. Everything here was simply picturesque. Ghost appeared beside of me and said, "We should go and see the Vanguard first. That is where we will decide your strong suit. Whatever you pick to be, one of them will give you a mentor." I walked down two sets of stairs, not even noticing the woman behind me until I heard her voice. "New guardian, beware the agents of Oryx!" I jumped ten feet, startled by her mumblings. I turn around to see a pale woman with green and black armor covering her. "Sorry miss, I will be sure to watch for the agents of Oryx, or whatever." I am in a hallway, a wall covered furs and a table with the skull of... something. A large man in silver and orange armor stood there, wearing a helmet with one horn attached to it. He shouted at me with a rough australian accent, "Welcom, Guardian! I always love to see greens in the crucible! Ha ha!" I just kept walking, not really understanding. The last room was with a large table in the middle, with three figures arguing about something. One was a robot wearing a cloak with red markings, another was a short-haired dark skinned woman, wearing long robes. The large man at the end of the table wore a silver and red armor, the most glaring thing about him was his bright skin. [i]Two of them aren't human[/i], I thought. I heard the cloaked machine speak, "No, no, my plan worked out fine, so why was it even a problem that I didn't tell you? Besides, I didn't see your Warlocks coming up with any good ideas!" The human woman retorted, "We were coming up with a more [i]practical[/i] plan than your narrow idea of getting a transmat zone on a Hive ship." The machine looked at me and said, "Sorry, Guardian. Warlocks just don't know when to stop." The woman glared at him and he made a notion as if trying to stick his tongue out if he had one. I spoke up to the Vanguard, "I have come to choose my class and be assigned a mentor." The large bright man at the end of the table said, "Alright, then. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard. If you were wondering what I am, I am an Awoken, and we come from the Reef between Mars and Jupiter. Anyways, Titans are the guardians that built the wall you saw before entering. We strike out against the darkness, push the front lines, and we hold even the toughest positions, never breaking! We make sure the dream of the city lives on." The mechanical man spoke sarcastically, "My turn! Names Cayde-6, and I am an Exo; basically a machine with human thoughts and emotion. I am the Hunter Vanguard. We are the most charming of the classes, of course. But more importantly, we are independent. We aren't the first to be assigned a mission. We work great with others, but we shine alone, exploring and mapping out the wilds. Our blades sharp and our aim on point, we cut down the enemy with efficiency, and more importantly, style. We strike out in the night, the enemy never seeing. Try making a speech that good, Ikora!" The woman wearing the long robes looked at Cayde-6 and scoffed, "Oh, Cayde, my speeches don't compare! Welcome, Guardian. My name is Ikora Rey, and I am the Warlock Vanguard. The Warlock orders work to understand and discover powers, especially the Traveler. We also study our enemies, learn about them, their tactics, their abilities. Without the information the Warlock orders provide, we could not survive our enemies." I thought on this for a minute, contemplating how I would work best. I know Ghost said I should be a Warlock because all the questions, but that's not where I wish to be. A Titan sounds very efficient, but they seem so tied down. A Hunter: the independence, the wilds, the approach they appear to take on a situation. That calls to me, and I feel like my questions would be answered either way if I found out things myself. "I have made my decision." All the Vanguards leaned in with anticipation, waiting for my answer. "I wish to be trained as a Hunter, explore the wilds and strike the Darkness where it is strongest and least expecting." Cayde-6 hopped with success, and said to Ikora, "See, I don't have to be a suck-up to get a good warrior in [i]my[/i] legion. Good to have you, Hunter! You won't regret it, and I can assure you, I won't mess with you as much as I do the Titans! Now what is your name?" I actually thought for a second, feeling a rush to my head and then a pain. My name was coming to me... "Elvis Kirk!" I cannot believe it. "I just remembered... it is Elvis Kirk." Cayde replied, "Elvis Kirk. Strong name you got, Kirk! Now about that mentor..." Cayde got on a comm and said, "I need a Hunter named Kelso to come to the Hall of Guardians." An awoken hunter with a bun in his hair, wearing a bounty hunter-type armor, his cloak bearing a symbol that looked like a wolf on it. "Oh god, I'm getting another Guardian in my fireteam right now, aren't I?" Cayde smirked and said, "Indeed you are! It's like having two girlfriends at once, right?" Kelso replied, a little tipped, "It is nothing like that, Cayde! How will I do this?" "I have to train legions of Hunters, Kelso. I think you can a Hunter and a Titan in your fireteam." Kelso replied, "Alright, alright! Not that I have a choice... what is your name, Hunter?" "My name is Elvis Kirk, sir." The Hunter was studying me, trying to figure me out, hardly asking any questions. He's a strange man, no doubt about that. "Alright then, Kirk. First I will train you as a Bladedancer. Arc energy is powerful and unrelenting when in the hands of a Hunter." Cayde gave a look of pride and said, "I trained him myself as a Bladedancer, but only Tevis trained him to make a connection with the Void. Tough thing to do for most Hunters..." "Cayde, what is the Void, and how does one connect?" I could not help but ask, I have enough questions as it is. Cayde gave a look as if he is used to this by now, and said, "The Void is the vacuum beneath light and matter, containing some dark secrets. When you learn not fear to wield the vacuum, you can harness it. It isn't that easy, though; Kelso will teach you more about it later in your training." Kelso looked at me, reconsidering what he said, "You know, I already feel like you aren't too bad. It's just that the Titan I have in the fireteam annoys me." I was already anticipating my training, ready for the wilds, ready for a fight. I was ready to become a Hunter.

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