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Editado por Shadow: 12/3/2016 8:57:14 AM

What is WRONG with Destiny Right Now!!!!

OK, it is pretty clear that destiny is dry AF. There is simply nothing to do! For PvE, the only things people can do now, is the raid. I am yet to do it but i can tell, those who have done it already, are sick of it. As that is about the only thing to do in PvE, people turn to PvP. Only to find it is a s*** show. Literally, the only viable primary weapons right now are high RoF pulse rifles, a few hand cannons, and mida, hawkmoon, the last word and red death are also useable, but not great. The only other weapon I can get by using. Is the NL Shadow, because it is pretty decent. Shotguns right now are, paining me. But other than that, every other weapons will get you raging. Bungie need to solve the meta, and quick. I am a Destiny YouTuber, although small, i still play lots of destiny (among other games right now but I am trying to focus around Destiny) the only thing I can do videos on right now, are weapons in pvp. And it is hard to get those out because the meta is so damn messed up, I say a weapon is good, and when I use it I just get destroyed. I'll admit, I hadn't been playing destiny for a while since Rise of Iron, but it was pretty dry then. But it is still messed up. And SBMM doesn't help at all. I come back to destiny from playing Bo3 and get destroyed by people because I used to be good and I need time to relearn destiny. Bungie really need to shape up on the meta, listen to posts that people make on different weapons, I am planning on making a "Changing the meta" video soon where I go through and attempt to rebalence weapons. If you want to check out my channel I will link it. But if anyone agrees with this and thinks I should have said anything else, please do reply to this.

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