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Crucible Balances - Must Needed Changes

Fully agree with changes.


Somewhat agree with changes.


Completely disagree with changes.


The video above is a short vid; an example of possible lag switchers and cheaters. The changes I need to see in Destiny are as follows: 1. Warlocks slower movement speed. (They shouldn't be as fast or faster than hunters) 2. Warlocks (sunsinger) 'melee hit' overshield changed to warlock 'melee kill' overshield. (Titan defenders have to get a 'melee kill' for an overshield) 3. Shadestep should be given to every all classes and be a universal guardian ability; name changed to 'Dodge Roll'. 4. Other abilities should be incorporated and same for all guardians but have a tree to unlock and specify abilities; ex. - "Sidestep, Dodge Roll, Triple Jump, Block, Dash, Air Dodge/Dash, etc". 5. Kill and be killed needs to be removed from crucible. If I kill someone they shouldn't be able to squeeze off that last trigger or shoulder charge, or melee, or whatever to kill me back. It's not mission impossible or james bond, get real. 6. Titan defenders should be allowed to throw their bubble, equip it wrapped tight around themselves for short period of time or few kills (walking tank), or equip/wrap it on another teammate. 7. Warlocks self-resurrection should be removed from pvp/crucible/iron banner/trials of osiris. 8. Iron Banner should always be available; for those who work hard to level up and unlock gear/weapons. 9. Dedicated servers. (Hence video) 10. Shotguns need more range. 11. Customization of all guns in terms of modifiers (colour palette would be nice too, but just sticking to balances). Re-rolling the perks on your guns need to be brought back. 12. If you get killed within less than 1 second or a second of activating your super, you should always have it back on respawn. This means only if you haven't used it, and for some classes, eg Golden Gun, you lose it. Titans sometimes keep it, and so on. Should be same for all guardians and every class.

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