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8/30/2016 3:06:25 AM


Hello. I recently thought that it would be pretty cool to have some sort of “companion” to accompany us through our travels. I had the thought while fighting S.A.B.E.R-2 and I imagined a miniature version of it following me around. Ultimately, I envisioned all of the Ultras as small followers, like a pet. Of course, I’m not the first to think of something like this so please share any ideas or critiques you may have. To start, I’d like to mention my thoughts on the ways to obtain these companions. Because these are Ultras they would only be obtainable from their respective strikes, like the strike exclusive weapons and armor. To get these companions, I suggest a series of small challenges or objectives to complete during the boss fight. I like to think of it as a “taming” process where you “pacify” the boss and make it your own. As for the challenges, they could incorporate the boss arena somehow or the enemies that show up. They could also require certain weapons or items to be used. I’m still thinking of a more complete method that is both fair but fun in terms of objectives and ways to accomplish them. Please let me know yours! For an example of the above paragraph, I will try to explain a possible way to “tame” Phogoth, from The Summoning Pits strike. Now this is just one idea my friend and I talked about. Generally, this way would be to chain Phogoth up again and then kill him. 1. Chains are found throughout the arena and picked up like relics (Not indicated and random) 2. Phogoth must be stunned in the middle for the chains to be applied 3. Three sets must be applied to each arm before killing him to earn the companion 4. First set can be applied at ~75%, second at ~50%, and third at ~25% 5. Phogoth’s movement is limited after first set is applied 6. Number of enemies increase if chains are applied 7. More majors appear if chains are applied 8. Phogoth more likely to focus on players holding chains This method still seems too easy, but I think it could add an interesting challenge to this old strike. Feel free to share your changes or your own ways of doing this! After “taming” an Ultra, the next thing to consider would be its interaction with both the player and the world. Originally, I imagined these companions could have small perks to them but I’ve gone back on that. I think these companions should only be for cosmetics. For that reason, it makes sense to place them on the same page as the sparrow, horn, ship, shader, emblem, and emote. I would place it right above the shader square just to make the screen even. Attached is a photo I found on Reddit from Mr Stu. I edited it to show you what I mean. As for their interactions with the player and the world, I’ll list some things that I would find neat or interesting. Again, please share your ideas! Interactions with the player: - Follows you everywhere during any mission (Story, Patrol, Raid, Strike, NOT Crucible) - Performs an emote along with the player - Sits on the sparrow as you ride around - Floats around screen when you pause (Roster, Quests, Character, Inventory, Settings) Interactions with the world: - Roams freely in a social space - Interacts with other companions - Annoy Eris Morn - Dialogue from NPCs regarding what kind of companion you have Honestly, this idea is just something wildly unnecessary, especially with Rise of Iron coming out very soon. Perhaps this idea has already been discussed and I am far too late, or the developers are way too busy with other features. Either way, I figured it was something worth mentioning and I am excited to read any and all feedback. Just imagine a pet version of Valus Ta’aurc, Sepiks Prime, or Sekrion following you around! Thank you for reading!

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