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Hunters are weak as hell, but that's not the problem...

My Hunter's defense is downright terrible, to the point where 3-4 bullets from a machine gun can kill me. 3-4 bullets is approx. 10% of a magazine. Even with heavy weapons, to die from 3-4 bullets is a little over the top. In PVE, even as a max level character in patrol on earth, the level 2-5 enemies can still deal significant damage (don't get me wrong, it's ridiculously easy to avoid dying provided you pay occasional attention to your health and use your common sense. My point is that even with 300+ gear at level 40, gaining all those levels doesn't seem to help your ability to take damage all that much, whereas in other MMO-style games like ESO or WoW, going to a low level area as a max level character would mean the enemies there could barely scratch you). As many of you pointed out, this is how it's supposed to be. Hunters are weak. The thing about Hunters is that their weakness is supposed to be made up for in agility. The problem I have with Destiny is that Agility doesn't seem to adequately make up for this weakness. As far as I can tell, the only noticeable advantage Hunters seem to have is that they can sprint slightly faster. [b]I think Hunters should get a buff to make them move faster in all areas[/b] I think, in addition to sprinting faster, Hunters should be able to strafe faster, change direction faster, reload faster, and should ascend quicker during jumps. In addition, shadestep should become a default ability for them (its spot in the Nightstalker skill tree could be replaced by something else). I understand that allowing hunters to have shadestep as a default ability would be slightly unfair to the other classes, so maybe they could get dodge abilities of their own (Hunters' dodge would just be quicker and further than the others). [b]Final Words[/b] I don't have a problem with Titans and Warlocks being beefier than Hunters, I recognise that Hunters are supposed to be weak. Titans should be the beefiest class, but they should also be the least agile. Hunters should be the least beefy class, but they should be the most agile. Warlocks should be the middleground in both areas. Titans already are the beefiest of classes by a long shot. Hunters may have the highest sprint speed, but they're not nearly agile enough to compensate for their sheer lack of defense.

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