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8/15/2015 3:13:47 PM

Join A Clan With Global Intentions

Terror Americus is looking for new members from all consoles. We are a satellite clan to Terror Britannia and Terror Australis. Terror Americus is just the North America Chapter. We hold true to the mission statement of our cousins overseas. Which in a nutshell is a clan geared toward mature players who want to get things done, but crack a few jokes along the way. The North American branch was just established in the wee hours of last night. We have yet to transfer our existing N.A. brothers and sisters over to the recent offshoot so at first glance we appear to be a brand new clan. I can assure you that is not the case. We are still interested in fresh blood though. So if you are from North America, want to have fun, and are looking for an active group of people to regularly game with. Give us a shout. We could be your new home. HTTPS://

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