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8/12/2015 6:35:16 PM

The Guardian Council Community Representatives!





Thank Malphisto! (The video above establishes the point of why something like this is important, if you haven't already seen it. We need to always bare in mind that its not mainly Bungie that we're dealing with and gotta worry about, but Activision as well who like to prey upon our kind. You want Optional Matchmaking? You want better Weapon Balancing? You want to ensure that your ideas and feedback are actually making a difference instead of just hoping that they are? The most effective way to accomplish all of these and more is to unify the people) So this has actually been a matter of conversation for a few days now. It began actually as a neat topic which keeps coming up. Some players have made comments or actual posts supporting the idea of myself and or Lost Sols being made the new Community Manager: Personally, I'd have to respectfully turn down this offer. For a number of reasons. 1: The Community Manager is a paid position with Bungie, and I don't think the people signing my paycheck would take too kindly to a great many things that I have said. I'm quite vocal with my opinions and beliefs as a Gamer. 2: I'd be a representative for Bungie, which also means I'd likely have to sign legal documents that restrict me in a number of ways. That would also in turn bind me to Activision and well...heh...yeah, no. THAT is a major deal breaker for me in that case. I mean at one point I had been wanting to apply for a job as a developer at Bungie, but after the whole Activision contract nonsense, those plans went right out the window. I happen to value freedom more. That being said, I am still totally in favor of getting someone actually from this community into an elevated position of actual power and authority. I'm always all for stronger communication between the players and the developers themselves. But I don't think a Community Manager is the right way to go about it. So then this idea occurred to me. "The GUARDIAN Council" Overview: A group of 5 or 10 players chosen BY THE COMMUNITY to represent the masses to Bungie/Activision. They will serve as the voice of the people, the collective which transmits the thoughts and ideas directly to the Community Managers. Those chosen to actually sit down at the table and get the answers to all of our questions, and ensure the continued prosperity of the game and its inhabitants. The Council also focuses on organizing the community itself, a form of actual Leadership among the player ranks. The outline follows the same design as a Representative Democracy. The community will put forth 5 or 10 (Whatever the majority thinks would be best) names as candidates, then we look through at them all and determine who was nominated and how many times. The Top 5 or Top 10 will then be dubbed Council Members, supported by the community. Rules & Regulations 1: The Council is supported by the community and nominated to serve the people. They must act according to the will of the masses and represent their best interests, not their own personal agenda. 2: The Council is a volunteer position, a non-profit organization created by the people, for the people. 3: Council Members can be impeached and removed from office if they are found to not be performing their intended duties for whatever reason. 4: The Council will always thoroughly discuss topics with the community and represent all sides. As such, the Council should consist of individuals who reflect this diversity to ensure equal representation of player interests and perspectives. 5: The Council exists for the continued betterment of Destiny for the duration of its life. The organization is not dictated by Bungie or Activision and is purely an extension of the collective voice of the community. This goes hand in hand with the 1st Rule listed here. Any Council Member discovered to be working for Corporate will immediately be removed from office for betraying the people's trust. 6: The community will support decisions made by the Council, but every decision will always be put up for conversation and debate first. This is to ensure that every action made is put to a vote and agreed upon by the people who are the driving force behind the Council's power. ___________________________________________________________ I don't expect anyone to be giving names for candidates right now, of course. I'd like to see discussion and feedback on the proposed idea first. If you approve? Be sure to Like and leave a comment. If you disagree? Explain why so we can talk about it. If you have any questions? Feel free to ask. Or maybe you have something you would like to propose to add to this and expand upon it? Please, by all means I encourage input from others and more ideas to throw in and improve upon it. I'd also like to hear what Bungie thinks about this, if they are willing to speak on the matter. This all falls in line with what I had been talking about before, where I feel there is a serious lack of communication between the player community and the company itself. The Guardian Council is something we, the Gamers, can do on our own to try and resolve this issue ourselves. EDIT: For those questioning this on the grounds of Bungie accepting it, this is more along the lines of the community forming a union. Its something that we create and govern for our own benefit. Unions have a long history of seeing actual progress in reality and getting things accomplished. And in truth, if we actually want to ensure that our feedback and ideas are making actual progress or real change, especially since you KNOW its got more to do with Activision than anything else... Then the only way to do all that, or rather the most effective way of doing so, would be to actually unify the community under a single banner so that when we speak, it shatters every window at Activision's headquarters. EDIT #2: So to clarify, this idea is simply being proposed by me. Its up to the community to make it a reality. Its been said by others, I'm just putting it out there for discussion. This would be considered Stage 1, which is looking to see what the general reaction is to this and how many actually respond positively to it. I'm thinking our target goal should probably be in the 500 Like range. If we don't reach that, then no worries, just means the community isn't ready for something like this. Just bare in mind, people can make posts all day giving feedback and wanting things changed. But even the most air tight argument can just as easily be ignored if Activision disagrees with it. The only way to PUSH BACK against corporate power is to bring the people together to fight against it. Is this possible? Of course. Just look at what happened with the Luke Smith debacle. Though the end result was lack luster, it proved that the people's combined effort can in fact accomplish things. If you take nothing else from this post, from what has been said here, always remember that WE are the ones who have the power and that WE are the ones who can bring forth change. But that is only when we work together.

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