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News on the main page issue - Please help.

I have this problem too.


I don´t have this problem.


I used to have this problem.


Hi guys,im here to talk about an issue that is happening on the main page of Bungie.Net. I don´t know if this problem is happening only to me,but is really annoying and i need help. Well,the problem is that the news on the main page are not refreshing,and i can´t see new stuff. Actually,the news that i have right now are from May...For example,i got the weekly update from 21-05-15,the reveal trailer of Osiris,Launch trailer of HoW,etc...And,since that day,they never refresh. I don´t know why this happened,and i need a solution. I´f someone used to have this problem before and has a solution,please tell me how to fix it or something. If not,i will need help from Bungie. Oh! And this trouble is also happening in the companion app for my cellphone. Please,if u have a solution for this,let me know. Sorry for my english,bye. EDIT (Very important): I partially fix it,i change the language of the page from Spanish to English,and the problem was fixed...But i want to have the Page in Spanish with the actual news. I will use it in english for now,but please try to fix it.

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