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6/9/2015 10:01:36 PM

Gulrot is the Perfect Farming Challenge arena Boss to complete your Elder Cipher Exotic Bounty!!!

With the last part of the bounty the point system works as follows: Level 28 bosses, or any non-challenge final boss, are worth 75 points each. Level 32 final boss is worth 250 points. Level 34 final boss is worth 350 points. Skolas, only found at the end of level 35, is worth 450 points per kill + 75 from the Pilot Servitor. Now with Gulrot you must kill him 3 times to complete the bounty of 1000 points (3x350=1050) The way to do this is after killing him have a rocket ready to kill yourself this way you will be rewarded the points and be able to quickly burn him down again. He is a very easy Lvl 34 Arena Boss with the only Mechanic of throwing up in the room preventing you from moving at all so just make sure you are in a protected area before the puke hits. Also make wizards a priority as they can be a major pain when stuck in one place. Hope this helps!!

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