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3/20/2015 9:55:25 PM

Tower Survey Corps is Recruiting !

Tower Survey Corps is recruiting new members to have consistent raid group(s) and help each other out with other activities. We'll take as many people as are interested! Here's what we're looking for in new members: [b]MUST HAVE:[/b] Available to raid at or around 6pm Central Time on Friday or Saturday. Ability to be contacted using the phone app "Line". It's free. Willing to work as a team member. [b]Long term commitment to the group.[/b] We're not looking for a pickup group here. [i]**Maturity**[/i] Please. [b]PREFERRED:[/b] Available every week to raid or close to it. [b]DOESN'T MATTER:[/b] Never raided? Stick with us and we'll teach you! If you're interested, please go to the group page and join(requires approval), message me on here, message me on Xbox Live (GT is my name above), or comment below. Thanks!

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