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Feedback on Destiny and its UI from a new player's persepctive

I wanted to write a short list of features or things that I found strange in Destiny, or what I think might improve the overall experience playing the game. I have only played the game for about a month and I usually play alone, so I view things from a single-player's point of view. I try my best to list and explain each feature/suggestion as clearly as possible and why in detail. [b]Players are not given enough information in the game itself[/b] This happens in many parts of the game (weapon screens, quests, maps, etc.) You mandate players to use the mobile app or go to for more details due to it. If it's a conscious choice, you might want to consider adding some of these below to the main game instead of just a webpage. E.g. Solar/Arc info on a weapon screen. The effects of these aren't explained at all. Just "This weapon does Solar damage". To who? I have to go to bungie site or Google for it to be explained. E.g. "Kill 20 Hive with a weapon" (imaginary quest by me because can't remember exact bounties). Which were hive again? Check the Grimoire cards to get the data. Not available in the game itself. E.g. When you complete a bounty, the detailed info regarding the bounty disappears and only the title is seen. I would like to see what the quest was "Kill 2 enemies at once with a Fusion Rifle" even after I completed it. E.g. Xur arrives in the tower every weekend. I stumbled on this information by accident. Seems like he's a very useful guy to know. Maybe he’s meant to be a guy to be stumbled upon so I’m ok with this. E.g. Mobile app offers a better and more informative map than the game. The people offering maps in the game Tower have very limited info so are mainly useless in their existence. E.g. Bounty icons are only icons and aren't supported with text. I know a triangle means collect and a compass means a Go-to-location mission. The others not so sure. Repeated these until lvl 28 and still not able to remember is a small issue. These should have textual info somewhere in the UI via a separate button. (In UI design text and icon are seen as a better combo than just an icon. I know an icon only is clean and looks good but explain it somewhere. Affordance issue) E.g. Related iconography. The icons next to weapons (materials needed) are not clearly shown as having info in them. Accidentally again I moved over the materials icon and saw that the very important info, Where to find specific materials, was shown. Flat design leads to the players not knowing which icons can be pressed, which offer information and which do nothing at all. Affordance issue. Players do not mostly have an existing knowledge base on how the UI exactly works. E.g. There are different kinds of grenades in the game but I have no idea what kind of damage they do. Also "blocks enemies abilities" grenade isn't really explained. What abilities? They seems to shoot me most of the time. Googling again. E.g. There is a tiny 'I' next to some legendary weapons. I assume it might be from the new DLC content. But what weapons does the DLC offer then? Do I have access to every weapon even if I do not have the DLC? [b]DLC Crota[/b] The Crota DLC does not autoplay the opening cinematic, so I managed to play the tiny main missions first before I noticed the icon next to the moon where the cinematic is in. - If I buy a DLC, autoplay the cool video when I launch the game next time - The quest missions are given by that lady character in the tower and aren't really properly explained. A voiceover while flying to location doesn't really make you excited for the mission that much. - The missions in the DLC used a lot of existing locations, so you feel like you do not get that much content for your money. (Haven't done the raid as I am still fairly new with the game, so maybe that is better) These are just quick observations and I’ll add more when I remember them. I enjoy the game a lot, but would like some basic things to be tweaked better.

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