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This Week At Bungie - 09/22/2016

This week at Bungie we launched Rise of Iron.

The first couple of hours saw some turbulence. Our Launch Team burned the midnight oil to work the problem. With ice in their veins, they evicted hostile technology from our database. Then, the game was afoot!

Millions of Guardians descended from orbit to confront their own demons. They charged up the face of Felwinter Peak to take their rightful place next to Lord Saladin. Ever since, we’ve seen a ton of mountaintop selfies. With wolves. We told you not to pet those wolves!

This new adventure has begun. For many, the campaign is finished. There are now far more than one sole surviving Iron Lord. The conclusion of their story is the beginning of your story. This is when we get to stop describing that experience and start listening to your tales of honor and bravery.

There are more episodes in store for you to experience.

The Starting Line

Tomorrow, the difficulty factor rises. You may have earned your title of "Iron Lord," but the Devil Splicers are still a threat. It’s time to infiltrate their stronghold in force. Ready your Fireteams. Equip your most powerful Weapons and Gear. Raiding time has come again.

The Wrath of the Machine Raid goes live at 10AM Pacific Time. This is more than the most elaborate challenge that any Guardian faces in Destiny. This is a race.

Whenever a new Raid appears in your Director, we ask the question: Who will be in the first Fireteam to solve the mystery and complete the mission? As you descend into Golden Age vaults to root out our enemies, we’ll be spectating from the safety of our studio.

At this very moment, we can see you leveling your Guardians. Tomorrow, we’ll watch six of you become legends.

Keep talking to your teammates. Be brave.

Launch Day Art Festival

It takes a lot of art to create a world worthy of heroes – not the mention the heroes themselves. Previously, we’ve used a reveal as the moment when we welcomed our artists to share their creations in their portfolios. Today, it’s a launch.

Check out the online galleries of just a few of the artists that helped us to imagine the persons, places, and things in Rise of Iron and bring them to life.

Browse their work. Not everything you’ll see on their pages is from Destiny. This is like opening a window into someone’s mind. Have a look inside the imaginations that shape the games you play.

Four One One

When new game code hits your console, anything can happen. Your allies on the Destiny Player Support team diagnose those issues, work with developers to run down solutions, and produce the information that keep all Guardians informed.

This is their report.

DPS: With the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, we have published Destiny: Rise of Iron Guided Support. This resource contains information on the activities and features of Destiny: Rise of Iron, as well as information on how to get started.
The following are known issues which are currently under investigation:
Destiny - The Collection Upgrade
Working with our platform partners, we believe that we have resolved an issue which was preventing some players from being able to purchase the Destiny - The Collection Upgrade. If you continue to encounter this issue, please report it here.
Spike Grenades
We are investigating player reports that describe the Void Spike Grenade as inconsistently applying damage when attached to some surfaces.
The Abomination Heist Strike Rewards
The Abomination Heist Strike is currently dropping rewards below intended Light. We are investigating.
Waypoint over Tower in the Director 
Players who have unlocked the Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon from Year 1 will see a waypoint above the Tower when in Orbit. Upon landing in the Tower, this waypoint will disappear.
Destiny: Rise of Iron Grimoire
Players may lose Grimoire Cards earned in Destiny: Rise of Iron if the Character on which the card was earned is deleted. As always, please exercise caution when deleting Characters or dismantling gear.
Lastly, if you are encountering an issue with a license purchased from a console marketplace, your first troubleshooting step should always be to restore your platform licenses. Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found here. If that does not resolve your issue, please consult your platform support for further assistance.
If you have recently encountered an issue in Destiny, and would like to report it to Destiny Player Support, please click here for more information. If you are encountering an issue related to Destiny: Rise of Iron, please post a comment in our Known Issues thread.

Weekly Emblem Extravaganza 

Managing community is about more than just making Tweets. You need to provoke people to do their best work. Passion and courage are raw materials, and we forge them here on to create shiny implements of war. This guy is your blacksmith.

Cozmo: The Creations page received a bit of makeover recently. The look may have changed, but it’s still full of amazing art and videos for your entertainment. Speaking of videos, we have a weekly ritual around here. We take a few of our favorites and award the creators with a rare Emblem. Just a small thanks for taking the time to create something cool. If you do create a video and send it in, make sure you put #MOTW in the description. Also, make sure you include the player names of anyone who helped you.

DeeJ, please hit the Movie Delivery Button. No, not THAT one! Hit the one labeled “Elliot, please do not touch.”

Movie of the Week: Iron Lord University

Honorable Mention: Fate Bringer speed drawing

Honorable Mention: A true hero is forged

BONUS TRACK: Bassjackers!

[Editor's Note: We met Bassjackers in our studio and at E3. They're awesome, and we're thrilled to see Guardian helmets on their stage. Thanks, guys!]

To those about to Raid, we salute you!

Usually, you get to kick back and watch us do the heavy lifting. Tomorrow, it’s our turn. We love that. You Guardians put on the best show on Earth. And beyond…

I’ll be watching from the mosh pit. You’re the rock stars now. Go and do what you do. I’ll be cheering you on, along with the whole team.

DeeJ, out.
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