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Bearbeitet von Ogma: Destroyer of Worlds: 2/12/2023 7:07:55 PM

Daily reminder that dungeons STILL lack an RNG safety net.

Come Lightfall dungeons will be the only only activity that doesn’t have either focusing or crafting. Dozens and dozens of runs plus encounter farming of a single activity should never result in a player not getting a single desired weapon roll from said activity. To run a dungeon 30 times(that’s three encounters each time) and not see a single desired weapon roll drop, is to see a player disappointed 90 times. I’m up to near 300 dungeon encounters being disappointingly unrewarding. That’s the system you have in place. It lacks moderation. What would alleviate that? Slow progression toward being able to craft it by seeing each red border drop. Or the ability to target the specific weapon via focusing making the path to desired roll shorter. These new loot systems were put in place for a reason. Please use them everywhere instead of arbitrarily excluding one of the game’s best activities. You appear to have forgotten about your “layers of RNG are bad” philosophy. Edit: this one actually returned to the top the day after I made it so thank you to everyone that contributed to that. Keep it going.

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