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Cannot Acquire Season 19 Quest

[u][b]EDIT: This is now resolved. Run the Hierarchy Mission from Europa, and the vendor will now offer the "More Than A Weapon" Quest. Thank you Bungie.[/b][/u] This is the fourth or fifth time posting this topic, along with countless others in this forum. In short, for certain characters, the "More Than A Weapon" seasonal quest is not obtainable from the vendor after completing the "Hierarchy" mission. Bungie has responded once, saying that it is due to not completing the Witch Queen intro mission, however myself and many others have completed the entire campaign. All information is in my previous posts [url=]here[/url] and [url=]here (original post).[/url] If a moderator or support account can please reply, I can provide any information needed. I am lucky enough that it only affects one character, but there are others who cannot play any Season 19 content on any characters. This is very frustrating, given that we have paid for the Season Pass, yet cannot play any of the content, including the new exotic mission.
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