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1/3/2023 8:51:21 PM

Still Cannot Play Season 19 After A Month (Multiple Videos and Screenshots)

It has been nearly a month since Season of the Seraph launched, and myself and many others still cannot play the seasonal content on one or more characters due to not being able to acquire the More Than A Weapon Quest. There are multiple posts about this in the help section, including [url=]My previous post[/url] , which still has not resulted in a fix. It took weeks to finally get a response from Bungie, but then communication completely fell off. In the post above, Bungie asked for videos of our characters completing the Hierarchy mission, but not receiving the quest. Myself, @clokwork and @Soulfood_bg all provided the below videos: Bungie responded to each of us, saying that we appear to have not completed the intro mission to The Witch Queen. I completed the entire Witch Queen campaign on launch day last year. Here are screenshots of my director, which shows that I have completed the campaign: I have even replayed "The Arrival" from the replay screen, and this does not resolve the issue. I understand that for some reason it appears that we did not complete the intro mission to WQ, but that in and of itself may be the root cause of this issue. I completed the mission and the entire Legendary campaign on launch day, so I have no idea why it appears that I have not done so. Without the More Than A Weapon quest, I cannot play any Season 19 content, including the new exotic quest. I am more than happy to provide any videos, screenshots, etc. to help get this fixed, but we need two-way communication from Bungie. At this point, unless Bungie can work with us (which I'm happy to provide anything I can) then I can only hope that when Lightfall comes out and the seasons reset, this will resolve, or I will need to delete my character and completely start over.

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