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2/8/2022 10:35:22 AM

How to bring back primary gunfights.

As the years have gone on there have just become too many weapons that will one shot you. I find myself longing for the days of double primaries in the crucible. When it was just shotguns 🤮 and snipers 😎 that would one shot it allowed for so many more primary duals, now with fusions being so good and linear fusions that take special ammo it’s just ridiculous to the point of not even needing to use a primary weapon. Obviously we can’t go back to double primaries without ruining pve so special ammo inside of crucible needs to be addressed. I think everyone should spawn with 0 special and it should be earned by getting kills or by doing damage. This actually incentivizes primary engagements. If we went to loot crates a player could still just wait out the ammo spawn and go pick it up with ever firing their weapon. I think with every kill players should earn enough special ammo to secure 1 kill optimally with whatever special they have equipped. For instance…have a sniper equipped then receive 1 shot because the optimal amount of ammo needed to get a kill with a sniper is one shot. Same for shotguns, gl’s, fusions, and linear fusions. Forerunner would get 3 shots. Eireana’s would get 2, etc…

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