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9/17/2019 3:16:03 PM

Did I lose my favourite weapon due to a bug?

So I've only been playing for just over a week and I'm just getting the hang of how everything works. I do know however that if something has random perks that I like, I won't be able to just buy it back from Collections. So with that in mind, I was clearing out my vault yesterday and was deciding what to do with my Arsenic Bite bow, my favourite weapon as it had Dragonfly and Archer's Tempo. It's was now 30 power below my power level and when inspecting the weapon, it absolutely DID NOT say 'Random Perks' (you can verify this with a google image search for the weapon). So thinking that I could just buy it back from Collections to up the power level a bit, I dismantled it. Then I went to Collections to buy it again and it says I cannot buy it back because it is a 'Random Perk' weapon. I've been swizzled out of my favourite weapon due to what I assume is some kind of bug with it! I know it's 'only a game' and all that and yes, I'm a grown man but damn...this has made me so sad. It was the one weapon that I had obtained that had really good perks on it. I was having so much fun with that bow and NEVER would have dismantled it if it was correctly labelled as a 'Random Perk' weapon in the game. I really feel like I've been cheated. I can't find any kind of customer support email address to lodge a request to get it back or anything and while the support page says they won't recover dismantled items, in this case I feel that I was just the victim of a bug and should be able to get it back. Does anyone know if there's a way I can contact support to try and address this?

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