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Bearbeitet von Phantom429: 4/4/2017 6:00:05 PM

I feel so bad for the Xbox players having to wait for timed exclusives

... lmao who am I kidding no I don't. If you want them then you shoulda got a PS4! Edit 2: I'm gonna put this edit at the top for all the dense people to see. I'm not glorifying PS4, I don't agree with timed exclusives, the rest of this post is simply stating facts!!!!!!! So for all you people coming in here and attacking me right off the bat. A) I don't care tbh, B) Elevate your reading and comprehension skills before claiming this post is about something it's not C) Kindly quote anything that supports what you're saying :) But on some real though, everyone has this odd misconception (I'm going to simplify it so everyone understands) that Bungie created a package, priced said package, removed a couple items from said package and sold it to Microsoft for that price, whilst selling the entire package to Sony for the agreed price. Well sorry to break it to all the people that enjoy victimizing themselves but what happened is Bungie made a package, Bungie priced said package, Activision had a prearranged deal with Sony that essentially makes them a VIP customer. So Bungie dropped an extra goodie bag in Sony's package for the same price while Microsoft got what they paid for. So for all you Xbox players out there saying "PS4 better not get another Hawkmoon, or another exclusive map or strike" kindly pull your head out of your buttocks and realize that father Sony forked out some cash to make PS4 the better place to play by a small margin. That's all :) Edit 1: Congrats to the intelligent human beings who read through the entire post and took it for what it is. You'll have yourself a good laugh reading the comments and seeing what the dummies who only read one line said!

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