This Week At Bungie – 12/12/2019

Dec 12, 2019 - A_dmg04

This week at Bungie, a new Season is upon us.

Season of Dawn has finally come. Osiris calls upon you to combat the remnants of the Red Legion and prevent them from creating an alternate reality where they are victorious. Guardians are swarming Mercury and the Sundial in an effort to fix time itself. Obelisks revealed themselves on Mars and the Tangled Shore, bringing new Bounties to complete for sweet loot.

We are two days into the new Season with much more on the horizon. A legend needs saving, and additional obelisks will become available on alternate destinations next week.

Not only is this a change in Seasons, but an opportunity for your arsenal to evolve. New Exotic Catalysts are in the wild, granting benefits to a few Exotics you know and love. New Legendary weapons have been introduced, some packing new perks to give you an edge in combat. Keep an eye out for Vorpal Weapon, granting you additional damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active. We’ve already had a few players ask if the Boss Spec weapon mod stacks, to which we say… go find out!

Three new Exotics have also been introduced to Destiny 2 for owners of Shadowkeep.

Hunter: The Bombardiers
Parting Gift: Dodging leaves behind an explosive that detonates after a short delay, damaging enemies around it.

Warlock: Promethium Spur
Embers of Light: While Daybreak is active, defeating combatants or Guardians creates a Healing and Empowering Rift at their location.

Titan: Severance Enclosure
Spheromatik Trigger: Defeating a Guardian with a melee attack or a combatant with a finisher unleashes a damaging explosion.

We’ll be watching as you earn your loot, perfect your loadouts, and dominate your enemies in combat. Think you’ve created a good build? Sound off on Twitter and you might find a retweet from @Bungie.

Dawn of the Dawning

Along with the cold weather, Eva Levante is returning to the Tower. The Dawning is all about keeping warm though, as you’ll be asked to bake cookies for your favorite (and less than favorite) vendors in our solar system.

The Dawning
Begins: 9:00 AM Pacific on 12/17/2019
Ends: 9:00 AM Pacific on 1/14/2020

All of Eva’s ingredients and cookies return from last year’s event. We also added new ingredients and recipes and made some improvements to the baking process. For each batch of cookies delivered, you’ll gain progress towards bounties and rewards for some Seasonal cheer.

This year, Eva has a new SMG for you to bake: the Cold Front. Additionally, if you missed out on the perfect roll for the Machine Gun Avalanche last year, it’s your time to shine. Both weapons will be available to earn throughout the entire event.

Weekly and repeatable Dawning bounties also grant Bright dust, giving you more sources of this currency for new items on the Eververse storefront.

One item will be Silver only: The Perfect Ten finisher.

In Case You Missed It

Did you find yourself in a mad dash to finish your Season of the Undying Triumphs and forget to pick up a few of your Season track rewards? We have good news! We created a new portal on the Seasons page that grants access to your Season Pass rewards track. Any items you earned will be available to claim, even if a season has ended.

Steps for success:
  • Ensure you have available in-game inventory space, and at least 10 slots available at your postmaster
  • Sign in to, or sign in to the Destiny Companion App
  • Head to
  • Select your platform and character
  • Pick up any items that you’re missing
  • Repeat for any alternate characters that may have missed their items

A New Dawn

A funny thing happened on the way to Dawn. With the added functionality of mod stacking in Armor 2.0, players were quick to find an interesting combination that could fully recharge a super in a single dodge. Player Support was quickly on the case.

This is their report.

This week, Season of Dawn went live following Tuesday’s deployment of Destiny 2 Update 2.7.0. Players looking for this Season’s official support resource need to look no further than our brand new Season of Dawn Support landing page.

From this page, players can learn how to get started with this new Season, as well as find out vital information and known issues relevant to Season of Dawn.

Holiday Treats
Next week, The Dawning returns for all players in Destiny 2. Just like Festival of the Lost, New Light players will need to ensure they meet the following requirements before they can participate in The Dawning festivities:

      • Escape the Cosmodrome to unlock The Tower.
      • Achieve 770 Power.

Once The Dawning is live, players should look to our support landing page for our official Destiny 2 Dawning Guide. Until then, players can learn more about The Dawning by visiting our event page.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Known Issues
With the launch of this new Season, our Player Support Team continues their ongoing efforts in monitoring player reports in search of the latest gameplay-impacting issues. For the running tally, players should always look to our active Known Issues thread.

Here are some key items following this week’s launch:

      • Some PC settings will reset when players close and reopen the Destiny 2 client. Settings which have been confirmed to be impacted include: Window Mode, Resolution, Vsync, Framerate Cap, Anti-Aliasing Mode, and the key-binding for forward movement.
      • Resonant Stems are not providing Override Frequencies when consumed.
      • Some Forsaken activities cannot be accessed – and result in HONEYDEW errors when launched.
      • Dynamo mods have been temporarily disabled to mitigate an issue where they recharged Super energy abnormally quickly.
      • The Sunbreaker Titan Bundle has been temporarily removed from Eververse since it was not being discounted for players who already owned some ornament pieces.
      • Players who accept or complete a quest from Osiris will need to back out of his menu entirely and interact with him again to continue picking up other quests. This must be repeated for every quest picked up.
      • Players may not be able to progress the Sundial activity if the player who started the encounter dies before their allies join them. Players can work around this issue by quitting the activity or logging out and relaunching Destiny 2.
      • The Season of Dawn seal for the "Savior" title incorrectly lists a requirement of 28 Triumphs completed to unlock. The seal will unlock after completing the 15 Triumphs listed in the seal contents.
      • The Season 9: Challenges Triumph does not progress when a weekly challenge is completed.
      • The Season 9: Rituals Triumph does not progress when weekly Gambit bounties or Infamy ranks are earned.
      • The Season 9: Engagement Triumph does not progress when motes are banked.

As always, players encountering service issues should follow @BungieHelp on Twitter or monitor our support feed on for the latest info. Players encountering other issues are encouraged to report them to the #Help forum.

Can we Just Call it a Tie?

Two creations were brought to my attention this week, both of which could win a “Movie of the Week” with no issue… if they were released on different weeks. We had studio-wide conversations over who should be given the winning title. It was a pretty tight call, but there can only be one.

Movie of the Week: Moon’s Haunted

Honorable Mention: Awaken

Cheers to each submission, as they’ll both be taking home a Movie of the Week emblem. If you’d like a chance for the emblem, submit your video to the Community Creations page.

This is your second to last TWAB of the year. Holidays are on approach, and the blog will be taking a short hibernation as we ring in the New Year. But don’t worry, we’ll still have many people in-house, making sure things are running smoothly and ensuring you won’t encounter any unexpected issues while baking your Dawning cookies. Network Operations, Player Support, Community, and more will be at the ready to lend a helping hand.

See you again next week. It's almost time to get that bread.

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