This Week At Bungie – 9/13/2018

Sep 13, 2018 - Cozmo_BNG

This week at Bungie, we prepare for our Last Wish.

We’re deep into week two of Forsaken. Many of you have finished your hunt and served justice to Uldren. That was just the beginning. The bravest Guardians have already visited the Dreaming City and begun to uncover its secrets. Tomorrow, fireteams will make their first attempts at defeating our latest raid, Last Wish.

As with every raid, we will be watching the streams and cheering you on. The completion of the raid is not even the endcap of what the Dreaming City has to offer. There are many more mysteries to uncover once the final boss has been slain.

Raid Rewards

Last week, we showed you a preview of the new raid World First title belts. For more details, see our official rules. That’s not the only thing we have lined up for the most hardcore raiders to immortalize their accomplishment—the World First team is also guaranteed to all receive the One Thousand Voices Exotic, which is a rare drop from the final encounter. 

If you think you may have finished first, make sure you loot the final chest after defeating the final encounter to ensure both your rewards. After that, return to Orbit to finish the activity. 

In addition to the extra rewards for the World First team, any player who beats the raid within the first 24 hours will receive the “Wish Ascended” emblem.

That’s not all! Any player who beats the Last Wish before 10 AM PDT on Tuesday September 18, 2018 will have access to a personalized Last Wish raid jacket available for purchase through the Bungie Rewards program. Players who would like to participate in this offer need to make sure they complete the raid, claim the in-game Triumph, and then claim the code on the Bungie Rewards page BEFORE the weekly reset. You will have until September 30 to use the code to make the purchase.

There are many more secrets to uncover in the raid and ways to showcase your accomplishments to other Guardians in Destiny 2. We’re excited for the race to begin and can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

Pumping Iron

Not into raiding? That’s OK. Lord Saladin returns next week to challenge you in the ways of Iron Banner! Things may feel a bit different for Guardians returning to the fray. For the first time in Destiny 2 multiplayer, your Power will matter.  You are now in an arms race with the Guardians you face off against, so make sure to equip your most powerful gear.

Game Mode: Control
Begins: Tuesday, September 18
Ends: Tuesday, September 25

Enabling Power advantages is not the only change coming to Iron Banner. Lord Saladin will present seven weekly bounties for you to complete. Each bounty rewards you with an Iron Banner-themed reward, and two of these bounties in particular grant powerful rewards. There are no exceptions: All Iron Banner-themed weapons and armor have the chance to be rewarded when bounties are completed.

The original Iron Lord will also be offering armor for direct purchase, as well as two weapons with unique rolls per event. You can gain access to purchase these items by completing their associated bounties.

If you have tokens left over from Season 3, these may be redeemed in Season 4 for reputation packages. As with bounties, all Iron Banner-themed weapons and armor may be earned through reputation packages from Lord Saladin.

To wrap up rewards, post-match drops are also returning to Iron Banner. Both Crucible and Iron Banner rewards will drop at match completion.

Coming with Iron Banner at 10 AM PDT on 9/18, a reprised Crucible map will also become available. This map will be instantly available in Crucible playlists for all Destiny 2 players. Owners of Forsaken will also gain access to this map in private matches. We will reveal the map on Monday, so stay tuned to all of our social channels for a preview.

Beautiful Things

At Bungie, we strive to build beautiful worlds, and Forsaken is no exception. From the Tangled Shore to the Dreaming City, the weapons, armor, and characters are all meticulously crafted by our talented artists. We have a few of their favorites to share here, and each link below will take you to their portfolios, which offer more of their inspiring creations.

If you enjoyed this art gallery, check back next week. We will be featuring artists from our partner High Moon Studios. 

Bounty Hunters

It’s about time for another Bungie Bounty. Instead of just doing one, we thought we would place several bounties on players from all around the globe. We are going to run several bounties on different players each week. They will span across all three platforms and feature players from regions around the world. Some will be playing Crucible, others will be playing Gambit.

The rules are the same. Find the targets during the two-hour blocks their bounty is active, and defeat them. If you win, you will be rewarded the "Sign of Mutual Combat" emblem. 

We plan on running bounties from September 17 through October 21, 2018. We will keep you updated with weekly schedules. Here is who is up next week.

Euro Gamers

It’s time for another outbound journey. For the second year in a row, we have an away team prepping to attend EGX in Birmingham, UK. We can’t wait to have another chance to meet Guardians from Europe!

Destiny 2: Forsaken will have a stand on site with a chance to play Gambit or the Warden of Nothing Strike. The loot for all players will be a code to earn our event attendance emblem - you know, the ones you see available for auction online.

Here’s when you can expect to find us:

Developer Meet and Greets
Virgin Media, Destiny 2: Forsaken Stand
Friday, 21 September, 5:15 PM UK
Saturday, 22 September, 11 AM UK

Discussion Panel—Building the Dreaming City
Friday, 21 September, 4 PM UK

Destiny's first endgame destination was created to serve the hobby of being a Guardian. After the campaign ended, we wanted open a whole new realm filled with mysteries and challenges - all the things that make Destiny interesting over a longer timeline. Many disciplines worked together to bring this new place to life.
  • DeeJ: Moderator
  • Steve Cotton: Game Director
  • Mallory Schleif: Writer
  • Andrew Hopps: World Artist
  • Tom Farnsworth: Activity Designer
We hope to see you there.

Patch Note Preview

Next week, we will be deploying Hotfix 2.0.3. Here is a short preview of some of the issues being addressed. 

  • Fixing an issue that impacted weapon recoil on PC
  • Fixing an issue where the Traveler’s Chosen sidearm had no dismantle or vault functionality
      • The Traveler’s Chosen will appear as the damaged version in character inventory once this change is live
  • Fixing an issue where daily clan bounties were not rotating properly each day
  • Players may be given the option to reconnect to Competitive matches when encountering errors that remove them to the login screen

Make sure to follow @BungieHelp for details on when our next deployment becomes available.

Optimal Prime

Destiny 2 Hotfixes 2.0.2 and

This week, we deployed Hotfixes 2.0.2 and to players in Destiny 2. Cumulatively, these updates resolved a number of issues discovered post-launch with the sandbox and economy of Destiny 2: Forsaken, as well as provided rewards to players who completed challenges after the erroneous weekly reset on Saturday, September 8.

To see the full patch notes for these releases, players should follow the links below:

Additionally, following today’s Hotfix, some players may observe bizarre behavior in their Director screen. Affected players are encouraged to close their Destiny 2 application and relaunch. Players who continue to be affected should try clearing their console cache.

Destiny 2 Update 2.0.3

Next Tuesday, September 18, Destiny 2 Update 2.0.3 will be deployed to players. Following Hotfixes 2.0.2 and, Update 2.0.3 will continue to resolve issues that directly affect the game experience.

For patch notes once they become available, players should see our Updates page. For the 2.0.3 deployment timeline when it becomes available, please visit our Destiny Server and Update Status help article and follow @BungieHelp on Twitter.

Prime and Powerful

Over the past week, we have observed confusion from players regarding the differences between powerful gear and Prime Engrams. Listed below is information that we expect will define these loot sources more clearly.

Powerful Gear
  • Awarded to players directly for completing eligible activities, challenges, bounties, etc. These will list “Powerful Gear” as the reward in their tooltip and can be pursued deterministically.
  • Provides gear as soon as it drops; does not need to be decrypted by a Cryptarch.
  • Provides a boost based on the player’s current best Power level.

Prime Engrams
  • Require the Prime Attunement buff that players receive from achieving character level 50 and speaking to Master Rahool in the Tower.
  • Can be earned randomly by defeating challenging enemies or by completing Crucible matches.
  • Prime Attunement will enter a cooldown when a Prime Engram is awarded. This cooldown will reset over time, and players may then earn another Prime Engram. 
  • Appear in the player’s engram inventory when they are obtained; they must be decrypted by a Cryptarch.
  • Provide a boost based on the player’s current best Power level.

Also regarding Prime Engrams: Since the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, we have become aware of an exploit that negatively impacts a player’s ability to earn Prime Engrams over time. After monitoring player concerns, we would like to once again state that players earning Prime Engrams under normal gameplay conditions should not expect to see the negative effects of this exploit. Happy hunting.

Gambit Suspensions and Disconnects

Since the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, we have become aware of issues causing exceptional load times and disconnects in the Gambit playlist. To mitigate erroneous restrictions due to these issues, quitter penalties in the Gambit playlist have been temporarily disabled.

For information on the resolution of this issue when it is available, please stay tuned to our News page.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Known Issues

In addition to the items listed above, Destiny Player Support is tracking the latest issues reported by players on the #Help forum. Provided below is a brief overview of the latest known issues in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

  • Offering to the Oracle: We are investigating issues retaining the Offering to the Oracle in inventories. To avoid this, players should log into all characters in Destiny 2, or log into the Destiny Companion app, before acquiring the item. Players should also make sure their consumable inventory is not full.
  • WANTED: Combustor Valus Bounty: We are investigating an issue where some players in a fireteam don’t receive credit for killing the Combustor Valus and then can’t replay the adventure.
  • Various Trophies/Achievements: We are investigating issues with some trophies and achievements not unlocking for new players.
  • Crucible Kill Feed: We are investigating an issue where players can’t see their Crucible kill feed. Players may want to clear the console cache for a possible workaround.
  • HDR Issues: We are monitoring reports where players who use HDR are having issues.
  • Crucible Drops: We are investigating an issue where some players do not receive any loot drops for completing Crucible matches.
  • Hawthorne Clan Bounties: We are investigating an issue where Hawthorne doesn’t update her daily clan bounties.
  • Traveler’s Chosen Sidearm and Other Starting Weapons: We are investigating an issue where the Traveler’s Chosen Sidearm and other starting weapons cannot be dismantled or stored in the vault. Players are encouraged to not retrieve the Sidearm, as it will remain in their Kinetic weapon slot until a fix is deployed. Additionally, new players should reach the Farm before using a character boost so their weapons don't remain in their inventory.

For the latest known issues as soon as they are available, players should visit our Forsaken Vital Information and Known Issues list.


It’s movie time. If your movie gets chosen, we will give you a special emblem in Destiny 2. To enter, just send your movie to the Creations page. Here are this week’s favorites.

Movie of the Week: Drewsky & Baken’s Dualtage

Honorable Mention: Anti-Air Missile

We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying Forsaken. I know, as I am writing this, that I am planning out which powerful rewards I am going for tonight when I get home. Maybe I will see you in the Crucible, or in a strike. Tomorrow is going to be a ton of fun. Remember, the completion of the raid is only the beginning.

<3 Cozmo

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