This Week at Bungie - 11/22/2017

Nov 22, 2017 - A_dmg04

This week at Bungie, we explored Mercury – in two timelines.

Curse of Osiris will send you to a new destination, where you’ll learn its fate in the past, present, and future. At the heart of the journey is a forest of endless realities.

If you missed it, here’s the recap.

Next week, we’re back with a parade of the gear you’ll earn, including some details on new ways to earn it.

Sustaining Operations

Working with the Destiny Operations Center, Destiny Player Support keeps a finger on the pulse of the Destiny 2 population. We investigate error codes, and we share our findings through @BungieHelp for community awareness.

This is our report.

Buffalo, Part 2
Last week, Hotfix was released to address Buffalo errors on PC. We have discovered that some players are receiving erroneous Buffalo errors within the game client that are caused by alternate factors. These issues sometimes relate to network stability, or having multiple PCs connected to Destiny on a local network. Please follow steps within the Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure you've applied the correct settings for Destiny 2 gameplay. Additionally, follow steps for configuring UPnP if you have multiple PC’s on the same network.

Continued Investigations
The following issues have recently been added to the Destiny 2 Vital Information and Known Issues list:
  • Faction Rally Tokens: We have identified an issue where Faction Rally tokens are removed when players create new characters within Destiny 2. We are seeking to resolve this issue prior to the first Faction Rallies event of Season 2.
  • "Leviathan" Raid: Calus may sometimes become immune to damage during the final phase of the encounter
  • Black Screen when Loading into the Tower: Players may sometimes encounter a black screen when loading into the Tower. This may resolve itself after one minute, or players may workaround this issue by visiting an alternate destination and loading into the Tower once more
  • Bright Engram Ornaments: Sweet Business and Sturm ornaments within the Bright Engram may display “Already added to Collection” before a player acquires these items. This issue does not prevent players from earning these items.
  • Hunter Survivalist Perk: The Survivalist perk on legendary Hunter leg armor does not grant the intended Recovery stats.

In the coming weeks, we will be issuing Destiny Update 1.1.0 and Hotfix 1.1.1 to address some known issues alongside the release of Curse of Osiris. Stay tuned to the Updates page of for patch notes.

Back to the Box Office

 Another week, another round of content found on the Community Creations page. Whether you’re looking for tutorials on increasing your skill or seeking a record of a comedic moment in battle, this is the place to find it. Winners receive the Lens of Fate emblem within Destiny 2 to commemorate their victory. If you’re aiming to earn the emblem, make sure to tag your submission with #MOTW and list any contributors within the video description.

Take your seats, turn off your cell phones, and enjoy the show!

Movie of the Week: Arcstrider PC Montage

Honorable Mention: Fragment 2

Honorable Mention: Shaxx likes puns

Winners should get their reward within one week of being featured. If you haven’t found the emblem within your Vault Collection, let us know in the #Help forum.

This week, we're publishing this article a day early, as Bungie will be dark on Thursday and Friday. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the United States, sharing time with friends and family. Some will be engaging in food prep, while others will be jumping into the Iron Banner for some friendly competition.

Next week, we’ll return with fashion on the mind. Tune in to our Twitch channel on Wednesday, November 29, at 11 AM PST to get a preview of new rewards coming with Season 2 and the Curse of Osiris expansion.


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